Waffle House

My family and I ate at the Smyrna, De on April 15 at about 4 a.m. location this morning. I have always gotten good service at this and other locations, until tonight. While we ordered our food, the cook went to his car and spent time talking to a woman, when he returned he went straight to the grill without washing his hands. When our food arrived there were several mistakes made (wrong toast, missing onions on hash browns and we had to ask later for my chili). We asked the server to simply fry us up the onions and bring them out instead of remaking the whole order. We had to ask the cook for refills and asked for my chili after ate my meal. When we asked the server about the onions she LOUDLY announced, “They’re coming alright!” and continued to run her mouth to anyone and everyone in the restaurant about us. My sister in-law commented to the server “I’m sorry but we did order it that way it’s not our fault it was wrong.” Then the waitress said” look I do not have to serve you. I’m not bringing you your toast now” to which we replied, “well don’t expect a tip with that attitude” she said she did not care and walked away ignoring our request for her and the cook’s name. She came back with our receipt (her name scratched off) and ran her mouth to every customer in the place about us using very colorful language. We ask the cook, who was quiet through all of this, what her name was, his reply was “Dave” we said no her he said “Donny” and she laughed aloud. The scratched off name looked like dauphine or something close. At that point I said “if you’re not serving me I’m not paying” she replied “I don’t give a s**t it’s not my money”

I can’t tell you enough how mad and astonished that anyone with this type of attitude has a job working with the public. I am done eating at Waffle House at this point. I have never been treated with such disrespected at any place ever. I will be spreading the word of my experience to everyone I know.

Thank you

Mel Barnhart

Offender: Waffle House
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Smyrna

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