Kraft Foods
Offensive Jello Temptation commercials

I was comforted to see when I started searching the web that I amnot the only one to find the latest series of Jellp Temptation Commercials totally offensive and bordering on child abuse. I can't believe how low you have sunk since the innocent days of Cosbt and Pudding Pops. What is your thinking? When did lying, scaring and threatened children become a sound tactic for selling a "whoelsome" product? This premise escapes me and you have lost a customer forever. I hope the negative feedback from thse series of abusing ads hits you sqyarly where it counts, your financial statements. I hope that somewhere there is someone who could get you to pull these ads and issue an apology to all those you have offended and the innocent children you have so negative affected.

Offender: Kraft Foods
Country: USA   State: All USA

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