Local Phone Service Liars, sneeky, dont forget to tell you want their best deal the business that doesnt give a dam

When I signed up I was told I would be getting two months free service. Not including taxes and fees of course. When I got my bill of course i am charged. So I call. They dont know what i am talking about. They say as a one time courtesy they will give me a 25 dollar credit. Gee thanks. I flip out because i switched from verizon plan that is no longer available and was cheaper. So finally a supervisor says okay two 25 dollar credits. Gee thanks again. Of course next bill comes only one credit on it though. I call again. They say no I am only entitled to one credit of 25 dollars. I flip.

Again a supervisor promises me credit of only another 25 dollars and too make up for lies i was told they will give me two other credits of 25 one a month for next two bills. well i get my bill of course no credit. I call, I flip, they give me this months and promise i wont have to call next month. Guess what I do have to call. This is ridiculous.

Now I switch phone plans a yr later to plan. They promised me a plan that apparently does not exist instead they put me on some nutty plan where I pay 10 cents a min to call florida and 10 cents to call 5 miles away (regional toll). So I call complaining about how I got the wrong plan. They say Oh yeah we have a different option where you only pay 5 cents a minute for regional at no extra fee. Now why would they sign you up for 10 cents when there is a five cents plan?

So if you call ATT dont forget to ask if this is the least expensive plan available. You shouldnt have to. It is like "Would you like to pay 20,000 for this car or 10,000? Sounds like a stupid question but apparently ATT makes you ask stupid questions. Also I suggest calling back a few times to verify the last rep told you the truth.

Offender: AT&T
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8002220300

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