World Wide Audio
Overactive, spastic, successful rip off sales freaks ripoff artists fraud

I've been had! 2 guys 1 girl in a black SUV roll up next asking if I wanted to buy speakers.....I pull over at a gas station, check them out, get convinced they're quality from magazines, etc.

I was told the cost $900-$1000. One guy was very hyper and wierd. He gave up as I said I wasn't in the market for speakers, but his buddy, the driver, made one last ditch effort and got me at $300.

At the very second I handed him the cash he took off and I barley even got a chance to see which way they went. I was skeptical of the whole thing, but they did seem nice.

I haven't even tried them out, they're in their same plastic wrapping, but I saw this stie and had to let you all know.

Spread this around via email.....get the word out and stop these successful freaks and make them pay!

Offender: World Wide Audio
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego
Address: 7840 Dunbrook
Phone: 8585302206

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