Mr. Appliance Pembroke, NH
Cold Oven has me hot under the collar

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Angele Rivers and On Monday February 25th I made a call to a company by the Name of Mr. Appliance in Pembroke. I was impressed by their website and they seemed to be a good choice for servicing my Bosch Wall Oven. They scheduled a diagnostic appointment for Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 between 3-5 pm. I was told that this was a $90 cost but would be credited toward any repair that would have to be made. The Dispatcher told me that two men would come out as it was a heavy unit and also that if it needed any parts they should have it in their truck because they carry over $10.000 dollars of parts on their trucks. I was so happy to hear that this was going to be a quick and efficient service call. On The 26th of February a technician by the name of Adam called me on my cell phone to let me know he was heading out to my house. He was not sure where I lived because his GPS did not recognize the address. I gave him directions and explained that I lived in East Concord. He argued with me and said that I really lived in Boscawen or Penacook. I stated the obvious and said no It was East Concord. He showed up at my house about a half hour later. He was by himself . He first asked me to turn the power off, but I told him I first had questions for him. I asked him about the fan and the switch due to the issues I was having with the oven not heating properly. He did not have any idea as to what it could be. He then started to work on the oven., which I told him at that point to stop because I still hadn't shut the power off. "oh yeah that's right " he said. Once the power was off, he attempted to try to get the wall oven out by himself. He asked me to take the other end of the oven to help him place it on the cart. They clearly should have provided me with two technicians. Adam continued to try to solve the issue with the oven. He tested the elements and was not sure if he was testing it right so he called Bosch to confirm what he had done was correct, which was not very encouraging. He stated he was going to have to order the parts. He quoted me the prices for the parts and labor to be 427.26 with the credit of the $90.00 coming off the bill. I asked him how long he thought it would take to get the part in , he said usually about a week to ten days. I asked him if it was a part that was replaced often, and he said yes. I then asked him if he had it on the truck, he said no we don't carry any Bosch parts on our trucks. So again, another contradiction. I ordered the part the following Friday March 1, 2013. Doug, the dispatcher, told me it was in stock and it should be no longer than a week to ten days. I asked him to call me as soon as it was in to schedule when the parts could be replaced. He said he would do that. I never got a call from Doug, so I called him once the ten days was up. It was the 12th of March and he said it still wasn't in. Again I asked him to make sure to call me when it came in. I called again on the 15th and he said oh yes it had been in for a few days. I was upset, but didn't let on, and asked him when they could come out. He said not until Monday the 18th, because they needed two technicians to come out. I reminded him that two techs did not come out the first time, and he said well "they should have". So it was the 18th scheduled for between 8:00 and 9:15 am. I received a call on my cell phone from a technician named Carey and he also hard a hard time bringing the address up on his GPS. I gave him the directions and he came out. He was by himself, which again I asked him why I had to wait if it was a one tech job. He said I would have to ask the dispatcher about that. I said I would. He never asked me to shut off the power. I told him not to touch the oven until I had it off. Once the power was off, he started to get the oven cart set up. He was taking the oven off and he clearly was confused. I told him , you can't take the oven out and place it on the cart without the top piece being on. "Oh yeah, I'm not used to working with this type of oven cart". Anyone would be able to see that the oven would have fallen to the floor without the top of the cart being on....At this point, I was beginning to be very uneasy as to what would happen next. He replaced the heating elements and asked me to turn the power back on so that he could test it. He was not able to get any heat out of the oven with the oven door closed, only when it was open. He was perplexed and called Bosch technical support. They stated it was the selector switch, which I had asked Adam about when he first came to the house. Carey, said well I can order the part for you it is $86.00. Carey said "I am not going to charge you again for the labor though, because it should have been caught when we diagnosed the issue. I said okay, that is fair enough. Carey then told me that I had a balance of 400 some odd dollars to pay for work so far. I said, oh no that is wrong. I only have a balance of $122.26, the whole job was quoted at $427.26 "Well I have the whole job being $674.00. I told him to call the office because that was wrong. He called the office and they were having problems with the ipads billing wrong amounts. (again feeling uneasy) He told me to call Doug when I was ready to order the switch. I called Doug and he told me it was going to be $150.00 dollars in labor plus the $86.00., which I told him was wrong because Carey said I would not have to pay for the Labor. He said he would confirm with Carey. He never called me back, so I called him and he said that Carey denied every telling me this. I said I am not a liar and with all the problems you have caused that is the least your company can do for me. He got belligerent with me and I told him I was going to call the owner. I then called the owner Larry Preston. I told him I was upset., even before I told him anything, he said "Well I'm upset too, if I had more customers like you , I would be out of business. I told him that I was a busy hard working person just looking for a reputable company to provide a service they promised to complete for a certain fee, and that I was not in the habit of calling owners and giving them a hard time, let alone lying about it. He called me a" liar and that he didn't want to deal with me anymore." I was furious. He then said, " I know a solution to this problem". I said what is it? He said, I will take the labor charge out of Carey's paycheck". (feeling he said this only to get me to back down, I said I really don't care where you get the money, but I am only paying for the part and I need the oven fixed without any repair charges like I was quoted by your tech Carey. He said he would call me back after he spoke to Carey. This was yesterday the 19th of March. He never called me back. I tried calling the technician Carey to ask him to do the right thing and admit what he told me, but he hung up on me as soon as I said who I was. I just got a voice mail today stating that Mr. Preston was not interested in coming back out to do any work for me. Now I am stuck with an oven that I have put 427.26 dollars into and it is not working. I can't believe that in this economy this man would treat a customer like this. I am so frustrated at this point. Please help me get this resolved.
Angele M Rivers

Offender: Mr. Appliance Pembroke, NH
Country: USA   State: New Hampshire   City: Pembroke
Address: 141 Maint Street
Phone: 603-485-3373

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