Best Buy Geek Squad
Bait and Switch - Criminal employees - management does not care

Brought my Dell into Best Buy Geek Squad for inspection. PC crashed completely all of a sudden. Told Best Buy to hold computer pending possible purchase of new PC. When I picked up my computer which was not fixed nor inspected, it was NOT MY COMPUTER. Since my friend was assisting me, he did not realize it until I came home. It looked a little like my computer, however, I knew it was not mine. The appearance was different, the second optical dvd drive was MISSING, there was no d drive, the BIOS was completely different (that was how far I could get seeing that this was broken). I finally found my model DELL online and sure as u know what it was not mine. Best Buy switched out my computer with someone elses. Of course, I got a crappy computer instead of mine. These people are criminals. The sales/repair Geek Criminal was trying to tell my friend he could fix it, put new software on it, etc. from his home and not at Best Buy, to save money. RED FLAG. Then I get a PC that is not mine at all. I am pissed. DO NOT GO TO BEST BUY. THEY EMPLOY CRIMINALS WHO THINK CUSTOMERS ARE ALL COMPLETELY DUMB. Well I am not and am going to sue the hell out of them. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, Do not get duped or ripped off or things stolen or replaced. These people are bad.

Offender: Best Buy Geek Squad
Country: USA   State: All USA

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