Buyers BEWARE!!!!!!DIGITAL DEPOT ONLINE activities are very scandalous if not completely fraudulent!!!

RE: $1,049.98 and Nothing to show for it!

No Product …. No Refund…. What the hell does that tell me?
I have been scammed by

DIGITAL DEPOT ONLINE activities are very scandalous if not completely fraudulent!!!

DO Not order from Digital Depot Online unless you would like to see for yourself, how every SCAM in the book is used… The main one that is used is the classic Bait and Switch (Wow they are good…) They will gladly show you all their scandalous techniques just give them a call.
This is the most unprofessional company there is on the internet. I have NEVER written a review before but I really do not want this company to keep ripping people off, like they did me.

PLEASE…. Research the complaints for this company. I wish I would have done the research before I made the mistake of ordering a Nikon Lens from them. Yes, I was lured in by a low price only to be called back the next day after I already placed the order, to tell me that the “Special” I ordered was a grey-market product and I would like the Nikon USA Lens better because it would be in English and have a steel mount not a plastic one.

Digital Depot Online was offering this Special Discounted sales package. I called on 12/13/12 to confirm that they had the Nikon AF-S Nikkor DX 18-300 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens Steel and a Superior Titanium High Resolution Multi Coated UV Filter. The sales associate confirmed that it was IN STOCK and I would have it well before Christmas. He called back the day after the order was placed and told me that the “Special” that I ordered was a gray market product and they would upgraded me to the Nikon USA product which I would be more satisfied with. Then my credit card was charged a higher amount then I was quoted on the phone. Also they did not even mention there 5.25% they would also be adding for Shipping Insurance when they told me the original total that was going to be charged to my VISA. Before I hung up the phone they assured me again I would get it before Christmas because it was in stock (Christmas present for my wife). I called 2 more times before Christmas trying to find out for sure the shipping ETA and again both times confirmed it had already been shipped out and was scheduled for delivery on 12/24/12. I requested a tracking # both times and he said they would email the tracking information by the end of the day.
Surprise NOTHING….. NO tracking # and NO LENs before Christmas.


Ok… called 2 x after Christmas and the rude person that I talked to said he would transfer me to someone that could help me and guess what……
Yep…. I waited for 15 minutes on one of the calls only to get a dial tone….
Yep… they hung up….I finally talked to someone after waiting on hold for at least 15 minutes, he said my Nikon Lens would absolutely be delivered for sure BY January 8th. I then called between 1/1/13 and 1/8/13 DEMANDING a tracking number and was transferred to the shipping department, only to wait on hold for over 30 minutes only to wait for no one to answer the phone in this department…. (not a coincidence)!!!!!!!!!!
When I finally did get someone on the phone, he told me that the tracking # could not be given out over the phone. I then asked for a full refund and he said that they could not do that because the item had already been shipped and I had ordered a discounted sales package and they are final sale and non-refundable. They had cleverly labeled my order as a "Special discounted sale package" and clearly would attempt to refuse to honor any returns even though they UPGRADED me to the USA version.. ( which was not the “package” deal… ……LIED AGAIN…..
I informed them that they had breached our contract agreement because the product has not been shipped and they were well past the 12-15 day shipping window “Guaranteed” on the website (despite the fact that I was promised that it was in stock and would receive it before 12/25/12).


OH YES… this company can LIE, LIE, LIE…. Called back on 1/11/13 and after I waited on hold for 30 minutes while they transferred me to someone in shipping, I was then told that the lens had not been shipped because NIKON had recalled this lens and that they would have it back in stock on Jan. 26th…WHAT???? How did they confirm 5 different times that the lens had already been shipped?
LIE after lie…
I called Nikon USA customer service support and they informed me that they DO NOT have a recall on this lens.
Wow.. I was not surprised. I already knew I had been scammed by this company because of all the lies and shady conduct of this so called “company”. I have been forced to report them to the BBB, which I realized they have an “F” rating already… ( I really wish I would have done my research!!!)
Also, I have had to cancel my credit card and contact my CC to dispute this transaction.
To date…. 1/19/2013… No Product No refund…….. We never cancelled our order….. My invoice online did say “In Shipping” but as of 1/17/2013 it says “ordered cancelled” we never cancelled it. (They must have been called by the BBB).

I also researched this company and found out that they have been doing this scam for years, Look up some of these other websites…. And you will find the EXACT complaints…
Thunder Cameras
Palace Cameras
Sky Point Digital
Save here Digital

DIGITAL DEPOT ONLINE activities are very scandalous if not completely fraudulent!!!

Warning……You better do your research!!!!

Country: USA   State: New York

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