There ending of auctions

This morning I was bidding on an Astak Waterproof Digital Camera, valued about $160. Each time I was the highest bidder and the word "going" alerted all bidders that the auction was going to end. Each time a bidder placed a bid but there was a time lapse noted between when the "going" came on the screen to the next bid. I began counting "one Mississippi, two Mississippi. . ." and then I took out my stop watch on my cell phone. On 4 different occasions, I watched my stop watch go over 5 seconds and one instance, it went 6.37 seconds before the next bid was registered.

When I contacted ZBiddy's customer support person, an agent named Angela informed me that when "going" appears, there's a lapse of 3 seconds before the auction ends. When I informed her of what I was doing, she said she was going to send me 25 free bids (probably to end this inquiry), especially when I spent over 200 bids at a cost of $25.08.

I stopped bidding because I felt that this whole auction was nothing more than a scam as to increase the bidding so they could make some money off of all of our bids.

Our conversation, Angela's and mine, has been printed and I have this in my possession. This is not the first time they pulled something like this on me. They gave me 300 bids previously because I won an auction but because of technical difficulties ( an error message kept coming up on my bids and I would have to log out and back into the auction and each time, I was "frozen" out of that auction when that error message appeared), they claimed that nothing was wrong with their computer system but here's 300 bids because you didn't win. The sad thing is that I felt they just lied, acknowledged my win, but wouldn't give me the product that I won, but instead, 300 bids for my trouble.

I could go on about some other issues encountered at this site, but nothing will be done for all of us who won items but won't see them nor get our money returned for the investment of their bids.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Davis


Offender: Zbiddy.com
Country: USA   State: Florida

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