Verizon Wireless
Customer Service Liars

To whom it may concern,

These are the conversations and results of deliberate misinformation over the past couple days.

NOVEMBER 21st, 2008

Yesterday 11/21/2008 @ 7:51 am PST (16 minute call) I called Verizon to see about getting a new phone. My current phone battery keeps dying. Was on hold for quite a long time. While on hold I heard an advertisement for a new blackberry phone, I decided I would like to return my $400.00 phone for a cheaper but supposedly better blackberry storm.

Finally when customer service answered they told me I had 30 days from the date or service to replace my phone if I was dissatisfied for any reason (This was called a Worry Free Guarantee). But that the phone I received from verizon was at no charge. So they really could not do anything for me, was told to call qwest merge dept for further instruction and they would be able to trade the phone out for me.

Called qwest merge 11/21/2008 @ 8:08 am (45 minutes includes transfer to Blaine), Qwest told me no account info since merge, but they would transfer me to Verizon customer service, was told by Qwest merge manager that as soon as someone answers to ask for a Manager.

Transferred to Verizon, asked for a Manager, was told by Blaine (which I later found out was his name and only name, he would not give me any other information about himself other then he worked in call center and they would know who he was)

Blain tells me he is a manger (by the way was pretty rude as well, hopefully the call was recorded so he can reprimanded for his poor tone and manner towards me)

I tell him my story: can’t replace my phone because of zero value on Verizon system, even though I had just spent $399 with Qwest a few months ago to buy this phone. He basically tells me tough luck, cant trade for a different phone except for a free phone. I ask him what phones are free. He tells me there are a few phones offered but non compare to any current phone. I tell him my phone was free, he then puts me on hold and comes back to tell me “oh yeah, that’s right, your phone (VERIZON XV6800) was a free phone but since the blackberry was brand new it would cost me $250.00 then id receive a $50.00 rebate.

I ask him why if my current phones retail price is so much higher why would it be free but the blackberry not be free to me in this case.

The he proceeds to tell me I didn’t need to get a new phone, if I could find my old phone with qwest, I could use it and just return this phone back to verizon. I doubled check with him, he again told me the new system allowed the use of old phones.

Finally after going nowhere with Blaine he suggests he send me a new replacement of my current phone to see if this solves the battery problem (my initial complaint). He tells me he is going to disconnect my current phone then and overnight me a new phone. I tell him no, he can’t do that because I run a business out of my house and my phone is a necessity. He agrees and tells me my new phone will be here tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 22nd) via fed ex overnight. When I get my new phone I need to call and deactivate my old phone and activate my new one.

I remind his that if the new phone has the same problems what am I supposed to do since my 30 day worry free will be expiring on Sunday the 23rd of November. He tells me not to worry that my new phone will have an additional 30 day worry free on it and I can return it if I am dissatisfied as well.

We end the call with the expectation of me getting a new phone the following day (Saturday the 22 nd or November 2008.

I thought about it and decided to call qwest back 11/21/08 @ 8:58 (16 minute call) to see if they could verify Blaine as a manger and double check all the info he told me. They could not really help and suggested I call verizon back to verify Blaine’s story.

I dial 611 again from my cell phone 11/21/08 @ 9:17 am for a 36 minute call. I speak to a representative that tells me Blaine is NOT a manager, and that by no means could I use my old qwest call phone on the verizon network. She goes over my account and tells me the new blackberry is far less superior to the phone I currently have and it would be a mistake to even consider changing. I tell her my situation about the battery life, she suggest and gives me info on local verizon service locations that can test my phone to see if it is the phone or if it is the battery, or maybe if it is nothing on the new phone at all and problem solved. Just a defect on my current phone.

We end the call, she tells me she will note the account and get word to Blaine’s manager about the complaint.

NOVEMBER 22nd 2008

Today 11/22/08 no new phone fed ex…….

Then about 6pm, tonight I receive an email from a client telling me he called and left a voicemail telling me he was here to view a motor home (I run a wholesale business selling very expensive motor home to people from all over the united states) I was foolish enough to believe that by using my cell phone (that I have never really had a service problem with in the past other then the battery dying) I would get my calls and earn my income.

Email says he called my today at 1:30 that he was here and ready to look at a $70, 000 motor home. They had driven several hours to view it and this was my opportunity (with the current economy time is of the essence, I need to be able to count on a cell phone provider that can offer the best service and best coverage) I needed to get back to them but they were already several hours away down the road looking at another motor home.

Immediately I grab my cell phone 11/21/08 7:14pm PST and dial my voicemail to see if I had just missed the call. My phone tells me that is has been disconnected and is no longer in service.

Then 11/21/2008 @ 7:16 pm PST (51 minute call) I call 611 to see what is going on. I am told by a rep that my phone had been disconnected and a new esn was assigned to my account for a new phone. At this point I am getting pretty angry, she instructs me on how to reactivate my current phone and tell me she is getting a supervisor to explain the situation to me.

The supervisor gets on the phone, I tell her the entire story, she tells me she that due to an unexplainable “glitch” my phone was disconnected and the new phone was active. But the new phone was showing undelivered and at a local Fed Ex hub waiting for delivery on Monday November 24th. She then told me since I was a prior qwest customer that I did not get the 30 day worry free guarantee and I was literally stuck with the phone I was given. I proceeded to tell her that I potentially have now lost several thousand dollars in income because of a unexplained “glitch”, there was nothing she could do but tell me the person Blaine that I spoke to did misinform (lie) to me, and every other person I had spoken to had also misinformed me (lied) about the 30 day worry free.

She told me if I needed to send back this new phone again that id have an option to buy a new phone a one year discounted rate.

I ended the call by telling her I have been lied to, mislead, and now because of Verizon I have potentially lost over $5, 000 dollars in commission and my investors over $15, 000.

This is my resolution. I feel I have a few different options.

1) I accept what has happened and just realize that the phone I have coming is useless for more then 4 hours of battery life and go on about my life. (Doubtful)

2) I file a complaint to the better business bureau, mail a physical letter to your complaints department, and cancel my service.

3) Speak to my investors and file a Joint lawsuit for lost wages. With approximately $20, 000 on the line it really would make the most sense. Your company has no idea why this “glitch” has happened; your reps have lied to me and misinformed me time and time again with poor information. Either way you are in the wrong and I have detailed accounts of everything that was said to me and everything that has taken place.

4) you can get me a new replacement phone of my choice (Reasonable since every other phone you offer is less in value) with an additional 30 day worry free guarantee in case the phone I choose turns out to not be as useful as my current phone. I’d also like a formal apology for my time and wages lost.

My current phone bill is $195.00, if you average my phone bills out it is roughly $150 per month. Multiply this by 24 months for the duration of the contract (not including the past 3 years I have had qwest uninterrupted service) this equals $3, 600 roughly in service fees I will be paying you. Not to mention the countless people I will absolutely tell of my experience with Verizon. I know a few people cannot make a difference if a company survives or not, but I can assure you I will be able to sway the decisions of at least 2 people over the course of my life. Now you can add in an additional $7, 000 on top of the $3600 in service fees ill be paying and all as a result of a $200.00 contract rate cell phone your reps didn’t want to give me. And this is if our attorneys don’t decide to take you to court, and with investors entrusting me with over $900, 000 in inventory personally I really think a $70, 000 deal with $20, 000 in profit may just be worth it to file a lawsuit.

Ill let you weight the options; your company was in the wrong from beginning to end.

I only hope you choose the easiest and simplest way out, But I can assure you I am willing to go the distance with this and can prove every bit of what I have stated here, I am fully confident my company and investors will be successful with a lawsuit and recuperate some of the losses we have acquired as a result of your “unexplainable glitch”.

Total of 160 minutes of calls almost 3 hours of customer service to get nowhere.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you very soon on this matter.

If I am not fully satisfied with the outcome I will be posting this letter on every Blog, web site, and newspaper I can. I will also be sure to file complaints with the BBB, the FCC, and the District Attorneys office.


Offender: Verizon Wireless
Country: USA   State: Oregon

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