Best Buy Geek Squad Warranty
Refused to Hono

Yesterday I went into Best Buy to buy a new TV as my old one was broken. I mentioned to the guy in the TV department that I was pretty sure my ($49.99 Geek Squad Black Tie) warranty had just expired so he looked it up for me and found out that I still had a year and a half left on it. I told him what was wrong with the TV (cable port came out, wiring issues such as input button not working, as well as channel changing when I try to turn down the volume, and remote not working) and he told me to bring it in and they would have everything sqared away in about a week. So today I pushed the TV in my 3 year olds stroller to Best Buy, with my 12 year old holding my 3 year old's hand walking alongside me. When I got to Best Buy I was directed to the Geek Squad help desk. The Geek Squad guy looked at the TV, told me he had to check with his supervisor, went to the back, and when he returned said they couldn't honor the warranty. When I asked why not he said in spite of all the other issues, the cable port coming out was considered "physical damage." When I pointed out that they told me the warranty covered everything except fire and theft when I purchased it, he told me the only thing it covers is manufacturers defects. He also told me if I wanted the TV sent in for repair I would have to give him $85. Another of his idea's to resolve the situation was to offer me a "pro-rated refund" on the warranty itself. I escalated the situation and met a very unpleasant female? who verified that the remote and input button were truly broken. (S)he then offered to replace the remote if I would agree to take my TV and leave the store. I refused until they agreed to send it in for repair, and was then informed that it would take five weeks for me to get it back. When I returned home I googled Geek Squad and learned they have an F rating with the BBB. I also learned they have over 120 complaints. I am a single mom and it disgusts me that companies can do this. I only hope I can save one person from wasting money on these scam artists worthless warranty. As for me, I am going to take my business somewhere besides Best Buy until they severe ties with Geek Squad.

Offender: Best Buy Geek Squad Warranty
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix

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