This has been my very regretful experience with both Samsung and its television technology

For one year and four months I obtained immense enjoyment from a Samsung plasma PN50C7000 TV performance and felt that it was worth the premium cost, but suddenly the TV had total picture failure. After approaching Samsung with serious concerned as to the integrity of the unit, I decided and paid an additional one thousand dollars for a replacement, the UN55D7900 LED TV. From the outset, the picture of the replaced LED was a deep disappointment compared with that of the plasma, and as luck would have it, in less than two weeks of use this LED also had a complete failure.

I think it is reasonable to expect that the faulty LED be replaced by a new TV, since it was so new and barely used – my preference was for a new and less costly plasma unit. However Samsung insisted that the main boards, including the mother board, be replaced. Consider, for example, buying a new car that suddenly and within two weeks needs major repair in the replacement of the engine and the transmission – under the circumstances one would reasonably have the expectation that a new car be provided rather than accepting the major overhaul. I did not pay an additional thousand dollars for essentially a refurbished TV, nor did I expect such lack of quality and integrity from a Samsung product.

This has been my very regretful experience with both Samsung and its television technology. I would have thought, mistakenly I suppose, Samsung would have willingly and accommodatingly corrected this in a prompt and satisfactorily. It seems lack of concern and responsibility for the consumer is more prevalent of Samsung in the current environment.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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