Terrible service & repair

We bought our Kenmore apartment washer and dryer around April /07. We had it fixed twice by the three month return mark for not going into spin cycle and draining the water. In that three months I told the lady we wanted to return it and she said we couldn't only to find out a month later we could have but now time was up and we were stuck with it. There records indicated It was only fixed once and that my dryer was fixed. (My dryer never had been fixed because it never had a problem).

Then again in June/07, June/08 they came to fix it again for the same problem. Now today I go to do my laundry and guess what same problem. I contacted them and asked why they haven't exchanged it for another one yet, when obviously it is crap! She said they have to come out and fix it more than three times for the same problem and the service tech's have to say it is not fixable.

Everyone of the service guys stated they didn't see the apartment style washer and dryers lots and weren't even sure what they were looking at and how to fix it. The last guy told me to put it in my truck and take it to the sears shop. When I spoke to the lady today she brushed me off and told me I couldn't do that. Now I am waiting for them to Show up Oct/08 (Long wait).

I also talked to a few people on the phone in between those calls and they have no record of it. Not only is their product crap but they can't even keep track of when and where their service guys have been and who their call center agents are talking too. I will NEVER buy a sears product again!!! And I feel sorry for the guy who had is dryer fixed and not record on his account now we know where my missing service call went!

Offender: Kenmore
Country: USA   State: All USA

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