General Electric
Microwave tray

GE Spacesaver microwave, MODEL JVM1870SF2

Glass Microwave tray broke in two while heating food! Unit is about 4 years new. Ordering one from GE is about $100! Still paid $50 from third-party. Amazing. I've used more variety of GE medical products than probably anyone in US, because of my diverse medical training: Diagnostic ultrasound; MRI scanners; CT scanners; general xray; specialized IR, and Cardiac c-arm machines. GE currently cannot repair problems on my cardiac equipment at a major hospital for one year now. As a consumer, every company out there makes junk. Part of the bigger problem is us. We've been programmed to expect less, after years of using Chinese-infused products. Glass microwave plates breaking when being heated? What did the engineers think it was going to be used for? $100 for replacement. Pyrex glass bowls (same thing) cost $5.87 at Walmart, and they use more glass. C'mon GE...I'm obviously a brilliant person to use all those medical devices and my opinion counts bigtime. $100 for something which should have been manufactured to withstand heat of a microwave oven. $50 was bad enough for a product that was probably made in a sweatshop, in some smog-filled Chinese city without safety or QC. The sad part is that both trays probably come from the same Chinese factory; the ones with the GE logo on the box costing twice as much.

Offender: General Electric
Country: USA   State: California   City: Carlsbad

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