Samsung Mega complaint in one week of purchase

Dear Messrs,

Hope all is well at your end,
Kindly let me present my complaint regarding dealing with Samsung Egypt.

I usually used to purchase Blackberry and I-Phone devices, but recently based on my colleagues recommendation, I decide to buy Samsung Mega.

Actually, I bought this Samsung Mega device for L.E 4000 on January 9th, 2014(invoice attached) from Etisalat Egypt (mobile services company), which is Samsung Egypt strategic alliance. Accordingly, I have 14 days to replace the device if I recognize any defect in it, and I have a Guarantee from Samsung against manufacture defect.( Attached)

Same day of purchase, I bought for the mobile a transparent plastic screen protector (original one) and view flip cover.

From day one, I recognized that the mobile software fails frequently…. and when I setup my e-mail, I recognized that no incoming messages were received promptly, e-mail receipt happens after long hours on daily basis.

Last Thursday 16/1/2013 , while I was in my office, and my mobile was on a nearby side table; Suddenly, we recognized a very weird sound. Actually, we supposed that it may be a file grinding ground. After just 1 minute, I opened my mobile to perform a call, I found the screen cracked …however, no one touched it…., nothing fall on or crash it…., and the device itself did not drop down…all whom are in the office was astonished from such strange incident.

I went to maintenance center RAYA (certified maintenance center for your company in Egypt) then Samsung at Nacr city, Cairo , Egypt to explain the incident….. they found that no scratches exist on the mobile neither on the front, nor on the back sided and even there are no scratches on the transparent plastic screen protector.

Both maintenance centers refused to receive the device to check it, and all what they are concerned about was that they refuse to replace the device and want me to bear the cost… they insist on the fact that, it is to be considered misuse; which is not true.

After long hassles, I called the call center; really they are more decent than the maintenance center representatives; the call center representative asked me to hand the mobile once again to the maintenance center with the purchase invoice, and they will reply in 48 hrs, they are mentioning in the Samsung Receipt that the mobile front and the back sided are in good status . (receipt attached ). When I called back, to follow up, they told me that the reply will be after 5 days…and they are sorry for giving me a prior wrong message. Additionally, they told me that 90%, my case will be considered misuse and mobile will not be replaced. Consuming this long duration will expire my rights in the replacement during the first 14 days.

What I need to know Now…. Is that the proper manner to treat your customers??? Is that acceptable to receive a defected mobile with a problem that occur in the first week after purchasing and to bear its fixing cost instead of replacing it??

I suppose I deal with multinational company with good Brand image & quality .

Appreciate your kind feed back towards my complaints ASAP.

Shireen Asaad, MIBA
Deputy Manager
Technical Office for The Head of Business Units

153 Mohamed Farid St, Down Town
Banque Misr Tower - Floor 23rd
Cairo, Egypt.
: 2 (02) 239 789 75
Mobile: 2 0111 3100 064

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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