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I am hoping you can help me with an issue I am having with Samsung , in
regards to a cell phone I purchased.

I purchase a Samsung Note 2 on December 3rd, 2012 from Wind Mobile. I
purchased the phone as a personal/business phone, and intended to use
it as my only phone. The Samsung phone line-up had been receiving
great reviews, which helped to make my decision on my purchase.

My troubles started on January 27th, 2013. This was the first time my
phone was sent in for repair. It would not stay connected to my
service provider’s network. The phone was sent into FutureTel through
Wind for repair and took approximately 4 weeks to receive my phone

I received my phone back and they had replaced a part inside the
phone. The phone was still not working. My phone was again sent to
FutureTel where they did a full software wipe and reset of the phone.
I confirmed with Wind mobile that this was not something they could
do. Again, my phone was away for 4 weeks.

I received my phone back and everything was fine until November. On
November 9th my phone would not power up. After talking with Wind,
they suggested I deal with Samsung directly to see if anything further
could be done on my phone. This is where it gets interesting.

I sent my phone out for repair to FutureTel through Samsung on the
10th of November. I received my phone back after 1.5 weeks. I was
happy that Samsung was able to get my phone repaired faster than Wind.
I was unhappy to find out that they had fixed the problem of the phone
not powering on, but the issue with the phone not connecting to the
network had returned.

As you can imagine, I am getting really frustrated at this point. I
call back to Samsung, and my case was escalated to the Executive
Relations Department (They call it ACR). I begin dealing with a
gentleman named Ceasar who asks me to get the reports of the phone
service and send them in. I proceeded to go to Wind and get copies of
the reports. I was told after 24-48 hours of sending the reports that
I would receive a call back on their decision.

After 3 days, I had not received a call back from Samsung. I call into
Samsung, and I am given the runaround. I am told the ACR department is
busy, and to call back in 30 minutes. I call 30 minutes later and
again I am told to call back. I call back again, and they tried for a
3rd time. At this point I demanded to be put through and I received
the manager of the ACR department, who from the very beginning of our
conversation was very hostel. He informed me that he personally had
called and left a message of their decision. The phone number they had
on file was my girlfriend’s phone, there were no calls, and no
messages. He then proceeded to call me a liar, not directly but very
implied. The reports I had sent in from wind showed the loner phones
that I had paid for while my phone was in for repair. They accused me
of sending in reports for the loaner phones and trying to pass them
off as my own. I am now furious, I ask them exactly what reports I
need. They tell me my phones were returned with a completion report
from FutureTel, and that is what they would need as proof.

I had the completion report from the November service which I had sent
in. I took another look at the report, and nowhere on the report does
it claim they would need to be kept/filed for future warranty claims.
I called FutureTel on November 29th to try and obtain copies of my
completion reports. They conveniently could not send me copies of the
reports, but they could send me a service history that should be
sufficient for Samsung. They also informed me that Samsung had access
to all their completion reports. Samsung denied this.

I send in a copy of my November completion report as well as a copy of
my service history forwarded directly from FutureTel. I send it into
Samsung and waitedor my call back. Again I get nothing. I call back
and am given the run around again. At one point someone actually hung
up on me while I was waiting to be put though.I talk to the ACR
department again, and the report from FutureTel, their warranty
provider, is not adequate and does not constitute further action. At
this point Samsung has conveniently dragged out my case past December
3rd 2013, and my warranty has now expired. I am told I have 90 days
from the open ticket to get this resolved. I reluctantly tell them to
send my phone in for service again.

On December 21st, 6 weeks after this whole ordeal started, I received
my phone back from FutureTel. It is still not working, and the
completion report states there is nothing wrong with the phone! I call
back into Samsung and they tell me to send in the paperwork again and
they would get back to me. It is now January 11th and I have finally
received a call from Samsung. They want me to send my phone in yet
again! No guaranty they will get it working, no offer to expedite the

That is 2 months of paying a carrier for a phone I cannot use, 8 weeks
of dealing with a company that just does not seem to care about its
customers. During this 8 week period, I have celebrated my birthday,
Christmas, New Years, and the birth of my twin boys, all without the
ability to communicate with my family and friends or taking pictures
of special moments.

I am hoping you can please help me get to some kind of resolution with
this. I just want a phone that works and not an $800 ornament for my
desk. My phone has clearly been a lemon, and I have asked Samsung to
replace it. But at this point I just want a phone that works.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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