SAMSUNG washing machine, Model DMT 400RHSXAA - Samsung Dishwasher Model DMT 400RHSXAA

I have a problem with Samsung and with Lowes. My family purchased a dishwasher from Lowes in Portland OR in August 2013. While nothing is broken and all functions well with our dishwasher, the dishwasher does not actually wash dishes.

Samsung Washing Machine
Purchased from Portland, OR Lowes, August 2013 for 449.99
Under manufacturer%u2019s warranty

I have spent what are now hours of my valuable time re-reading the manual, loading and unloading dishes, and having to clean (and hand dry) for a second time dishes that come out of our brand new dishwasher. I understand that from both Lowes and Samsung (now having spent hours on the phone with representatives from both companies) we cannot get this subpar product refunded or replaced because nothing is indeed broken, this is preposterous.

If not my dishwasher, is it then Samsung and Lowes that are broken? I have asked Lowes to take this specific product off the market because it is doing both their sales reps and customers and huge disservice.

Below is a list of what we currently find inadequate about our Samsung dishwasher.

%u2022 Bottom rack always dislodges, we are gentle users and still this is an issue
%u2022 Detergent tray sometimes opens, sometimes does not, when it does, detergent does not always get used- we have read the manual and know that nothing can obstruct in, the tray lever needs to be clean, we have done everything to avoid this from happening
%u2022 In general the racks are very difficult to load, placement of dishes is not intuitive to avoid obstructing the spray arm, many of our everyday dishes do not actually fit well in the top or bottom rack. We have followed the manuals instructions and advice on loading and still have big issues with the rack functions
%u2022 Dishes (glasses in particular) often times look very dirty even when everything functions properly
%u2022 Dishes are rarely ever dry. We are aware that you can by a drying fluid but are adamant about not adding another chemical to our dishes, we are still using a drying rack on our counter and this is absurd
%u2022 There is a stain where the manufacturers sticker was on the front handle

It is my hope that someone at Samsung can restore my faith in your products and customer service.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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