Sony Bravia KDL46BX420 LCD TV Broken After Two Years

This complaint is coming from a 20 year Sony enthusiast and promoter. My entire home A/V system is made up of Sony electronics and I've owned numerous Sony televisions, stereos, speakers, and other devices over the years.

I purchased the Sony Bravia KDL46BX420 LCD TV online on 11/16/2011. The first time I turned the television set on, I noticed a vertical band of green pixels on the right side of the display. I immediately called Sony Customer Service and was told that I'd have to ship the unit back for repair or replacement. The expected turn-around time was over two weeks. Not wanting to be inconvenienced for so long, and since the column of dead pixels was close to the right bezel and therefore difficult to see from most angles, I opted not to return the unit. Admittedly, this was a huge mistake.

Fast forward to Christmas Day 2013 and the set developed two new problems all of a sudden: a solid horizontal line of white pixels along the bottom of the screen and wavy lines scrolling up the screen from bottom to top. I called Sony Customer Service on 12/26/13. I was told by the CSR that the TV was outside of the incredibly short (but as she was quick to remind me--industry standard) 1-year electronics warranty period. I explained that I had been a long-time Sony loyalist and was expecting to get more than two years of use out of my expensive Sony television. I went on to explain that my 9-year-old 52" Sony Wega was still functioning flawlessly and that I had expected similar service from the Bravia.

The representative repeatedly stated that since I was outside of the 1-year warranty period, the repair would be my responsibility. I then escalated the call to her manager. I repeated my story to the manager who also informed me that Sony would not repair the set. But as a "courtesy", he would be able to offer a 15% discount on an overpriced television through or the "opportunity" to purchase a refurbished set for the low, low price of $600 (not including local taxes).

Incredulous at the lack of real options presented, I then asked to speak to his manager. A few minutes later, I was transferred to the regional CS manager for Sony Americas. I repeated my story yet again to this manager who told me there was nothing more Sony could offer. I told him that I had been a long-time Sony customer and had always given the company plenty of favorable word-of-mouth reviews. I explained that I had expected to get more than two years of life out of my television and would never buy another Sony product again.

The regional manager stated that not buying another Sony product was "my choice", but he would be unable to assist. I told him that his tone was condescending and rude and not how I would expect a valued customer to be treated. I then asked to speak with his manager, but was told there was no one higher in the customer service ladder.

Later that day, I repeated the call process, starting again with basic customer support. At each step, the same two non-options (15% discount on an overpriced set or $600 for a previously broken unit) were presented. I ended up reaching the same regional manager with the same negative outcome. I told him that I would be happy to share my negative experience on the internet. He stated that this was also "my choice".

Obviously, I will never buy another Sony product and will be sure to relate this story to anyone who asks whether Sony electronics are worth the price premium for perceived quality. Sony electronics used to be world-class, but they have fallen to such a shoddy level that my 5-year-old Sceptre LCD TV from Walmart has outlasted the Sony Bravia by three years and continues to go on strong. Oh, and the Sceptre cost less than 1/3 of the Sony.

Buyer beware: Sony is a dishonest company that clings like a vulture to its 1-year electronics warranty. There is no need to give Sony your business with plenty of superior brands available at considerably lower prices. Moreover, should one of these other brands break, their customer service managers likely will not treat you like garbage.

Just "say no" to Sony.

Offender: Sony
Country: USA   State: All USA

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