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Front Load Wshing Machine broken

My Husband and I paid over $1400 in June of 2012 to purchase a Samsung front loader. In November 2013 the washing machine turned off and would not power back on. Since the machine would not power back on all my clothes were stuck in the machine as the front loader door has the auto lock. I immediately called Samsung (1-800-samsung) to schedule service. They told me my washer was out of warranty. I explained to them it was not and they requested I send a copy of the receipt. I had to go to Best Buy to get a copy and send to Samsung. The customer service rep told me that as a courtesy they would send a repair tech out however the washer has a 3 year warranty on the computer so why it is a courtesy I don't know. They customer service rep told me that based on the information it sounded like it could be several items so they would order the parts and when the parts arrived the technician would call me to schedule service. I said that sounds crazy since you have no idea what is broken until a tech looks at it but the rep assured me that is their process and I would be contacted once the parts arrived. Two weeks late I continually call just to be given the run around and finally someone gives me the service centers number (A&E). I call them and they schedule a repair 4 days later then they cancel it without notification because they overbooked their day. I was furious when I called back and they reschedule for 8-12 the following morning. To my surprise the tech showed up with no parts because he says they never order parts until they evaluate the machine (REALLY). He said the computer was fried and it needs a new circuit board. He showed me where the button was to unlock the washing machine door (I only asked Samsung 10 times) so now I have a full load of moldy clothes that I have to throw away and I get to wait 10 days for the part to be ordered...but wait...there's more. Since it's the holiday season he will back after the 1st...maybe the 2nd or 3rd. I called Samsung to complain since I was told it was taking so long to schedule a repair because parts had to be ordered prior to the service tech coming out and they told me I was mis-informed and parts are never pre-ordered because they do not know what is wrong with the machine (REALLY). I asked the customer service rep what other options I had and she said basically none. I needed to wait for the parts and service tech. I spent over $1400 on a piece of crap when my sister bought a cheap $100 washing machine on craigslist and it works great. So when all is said I will have been without a washing machine for over a month with 3 small girls at home ...I work full time and now I get to drag my children to the laundry mat 2 times per week on my only day off...Thanks Samsung...your product and customer service suck! I will never ever buy another Samsung product and since I sell real estate I will make sure all my clients know that for their new homes they should stay away from Samsung if they want good customer service. I cant believe how inconsiderate the customer service department is. Its always so easy to say just wait when it does not affect your life. I hope anyone reading this does not purchase Samsung. the repair tech told me that LG and Samsung are the worst to get parts for and the wait time is always excessive. he says Whirlpool is the way to go and that is the brand he purchases. Also I want to say thanks to Best Buy for selling a product that you wont stand behind when it breaks.....

Offender: Best Buy-Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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