Sansung note 10.1 N8000 - samsung note 10.1 N8000

Hi I am sorry to return this Samsung GT- n8000
It has a random switching off problem that is not repairable.
It has been sent to the Samsung repair centre 2 times.
The first time I contacted Samsung I got a answer back within 24 hours
For the second repair they did not come back to me and I had to call to customer care for 50 min cost 10 euro before they came back to me for a repair appointment.
When I got it back the 2 time the random switching off reappeared a few days after I got it back and again on Oct-12 at 10.15 when working in my application manager. And again on 14-Oct at 8.53pm I was working in my music the screen turned black the music kept playing so it does not turn itself completely off but it goes in hibernation.
It is clear that I am now looking for a full refund.
Kind regards Hans Stofberg
Co Kerry

Samsung REF 2115423870

At first I had a reset at home and now it is for a third repair .I had it send to Simply elctronics and they sent it to the repair centre. ( They refused to give my money back)
What I can not understand is that Samsung can put its customer so down that all the fun of owning a tablet is now completely dead .
What do 3 repairs cost? I bet its more than a factory priced tablet don%u2019t forget that it has cost me already 25 euro in calls and post.
The worst feeling is that the Samsung bosses have a great time at my expense.
Is it not time to give customer care a complete overhaul so that customers who get faulty goods will be happier ? And listen I am sick of letters to let me know how sorry they are it will do me no good please get it in your head that sorry is not doing it . I want a good product paid for in full.
Please sent this to the highest ranking man in Samsung
Why don%u2019t you hire me for a year to set up a good customer care for you. And the nice thing is that it can%u2019t get worst .


Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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