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Employee physically shoved an 8 pin ATX connector into my GPU - 8 pin ATX is NOT a PCI-e 8 pin connecto

So I am about to run an SLI setup on my computer with two graphics cards. My second card comes in the mail today and I realize that it doesnt come with an PCI-e converter. I run up to my local Micro Center hoping they have what I need. I looked around for a bit with no luck and then decided to ask for some help from one of their employees (we will call him Chris for the purpose of this complaint). Chris fines an 8 pin connector and assures me this is the part I am looking for. At first glace it does look very similar to the PCI 8 pin connector but they are WAY different in terms of wiring. I get home open up the connector begin to instal it and realize in fact he DID give me the wrong connector. At this point I am mildly frustrated and decide it might be best for me to stay behind and let me girlfriend go up and exchange it due to my short temper. I take pictures of my PCI-e cable from my PSU and I ALSO let her take my second GPU to the store just to be sure they get it right. When she returns she tells me "Chris said this is the right connector and he jammed it into my graphics card. Now here I am thinking OK great they gave me the correct connector I see it plugged in and think nothing of it. Instal power up shut down GPU fried. I take the GPU back out and take off the connector. What do you know it is the orginal 8 pin my girlfriend told him was WRONG! Now my mild frustration has turned to pure rage! I would appreciate it if Micro Center could contact me and reimburse me not only for my inconvenience but for my damaged property. I have girlfriend to testify on my behalf and the connector and receipt. I was looking forward to doing more business through your company please redeem yourself.

Offender: Micro Center
Country: USA   State: All USA

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