Asscher media

(Jake Wand and his Asscher media making up down customer's life)

Im about 50 yrs old never use before any Asscher product, When I buy new flat TV I contact to Asscher media, They fixed TV channels and I turn to My phone line to Asscher media-1st day phone was working-TV channels was working-2nd day phone line dead-TV channels was cut of-I contact to customer service please help !! Jake Wand shut to phone on my face!! did not listen- specially she done. My phone records are my proof.

After I contact to for Help, Jake Wand and his manager said I can not help-today no engineer available VERY POOR SERVICE- I understand very early Asscher media Does not care customer phone line dead (never stop before 15 yrs)they does not care TV channels cut off-They are very rude to customer-they do not care product if not working-Next day I start to serious contact to my BT please help return my phone line to BT again, Jake Wand said yes your line back now.

Asscher media get to my line from BT again without my permission-BT did not let me know about my line-I write to Asscher media in legal time stop your service we are so un happy-Asscher media start to sending bill for does not work phone line and TV channels-they never repair-no good communication-rude and poor service-making up down customer life- like a doggy company-stolen your money with out your permission-do not give them any direct debit never ever-Their complaint system disaster/never help /do not believe Please be careful before start to Jake Wand and his Asscher media, They can block your phone line -they can charge you unused service.

They can bully you about your credit scoring they are specialist about this Do you imagine you are not using their service they still charging you and making your life up down.

They are returning your line without your permission-even your proof BT account-like a mafia style
Jake Wands company send me very high bill - never send detail of bill for un used service - Numerous phone calls-emails has not been good resolve.

Please Do Not return your line Asscher after will start disaster like my line-your line should not under their control. DO NOT USE JAKE WAND AND HIS TELEPHONE COMPANYS SERVICES.

Offender: Asscher media
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Netherlands

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