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Robbed Me!

I ordered a Vanguard VGC-13 Aluminum Camera Case on 4/30/03 & was sent a 24" Speaker Stand instead (arrived 4/30/03). On 4/30/03, I called "Lets Go Digital" (#888-447-0011) & spoke to a Supervisor named, Joe (Ext. 310) & explained to him that I was sent a Speaker Stand instead of the Vanguard VGC-13 Camera Case I ordered.

Joe told me that I would have to pay to ship the Speaker Stand back to them & included a shipping cost receipt so they could credit me for the cost I had to pay for the shipping back to them. Joe said they wouldn't credit more than $15 of my Out OF Pocket shipping cost.

It cost me $10.81 to Ship Speaker Stand that I didn't order back to "Lets Go Digital" UPS tracking #1Z800X900301786480 (Package arrived per UPS tracking back to Company on 5/7/03 signed by Max Heffe). Joe at "Lets Go Digital" promised me on 4/30/03 when I spoke to him about receiving the wrong product that I would receive the credit for the cost I incurred for shipping the Speaker Stand back to them ($10.81).

On 5/14/03 I noticed that "Lets Go Digital" had issued me a credit of $49.28 for the Cost I paid for the VGC-13 Camera Case ($30.33 $18.95 S&H = $49.28 Total). I called "Lets Go Digital" on 5/14/03 & spoke with Becky Powers who told me she was a Manager & she has denied the credit to me for the $10.81 it cost me to ship them back the Speaker Stand they sent me in error.

Becky Powers said it was the Companies Policy to not credit any Customer for shipping costs no matter what the situation. I explained to Becky that her Company was the one who told me to pay Out Of Pocket for shipping the Speaker Stand back to them & promised me a full credit (up to $15) for the return shipping cost.

I told her (Becky Powers)that it isn't right for a Company to tell a Customer to do something & tell that Customer the Company will make it right with them & turn around & deni the refund they promised me in the first place.


This Company has the poorest Customer Service I have ever had. I spoke to about 5 different people on 5/14/03 to try & clear up this matter & I was Hung up on twice & told me that I was "Harassing" them & not to call back.

This Company sends you products you don't order, they do not apoligize about anything they do wrong, they talk over you and interupt you when you are trying to explain your issue, they put you on hold without asking, they tell you they will look into the matter just to get you off the phone and they use the world "Policy" to try and justify why they rob you of your money.

P.S. Stay away from "Lets Go Digital" (www.lgdsuperstore.com). They run their so called Company like one of those "Store Front" businesses you hear so much about in New York.

Anthony B.

Offender: LetsGoDigital - lgdsuperstore.com
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn
Address: 1643 McDonald Ave.
Phone: 8884470011

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