Does not let you see your order before getting your credit card number and tries to sell you additional items, if order is incorrect you can not change it. When you call they tell you they can not edi

When placing your order they do not let you see the completed order until you give them your credit card number. If the order is incorrect you can not edit it din any way. When you call their customer service number they tell you they can not change the order until it is in their system and instruct you to call back in 24 hours. When you call back, if they can find your order they tell you it has already bee! Shipped and can not be edited, jusT refuse the order and ship it back, unopened! They will also tell you you can go online at and edit the order at anytime, but when you go there there is no option to edict the order.I have called my credit card company about this rip off and attempted to stop payment. They have agreed to take it off my account in 2 to 3 days. We will see if they do! They told me to write refused on box and not to open it which I will do but I do not trust them in any way.In addition this is already cast me a couple of hours of my time which is way more valuable than this product. What a waste for everyone! I would be happier if the product came and it was junk as I would then simply throw it away and not waste time with all of this. They should just price the product at $24.95 and make their profit there instead of trying to rip people off to make their profit.Sorry you have also had a bad experience or you would not be reading this.

Sincerely: Gary

Offender: GripGo
Country: USA   State: Connecticut   City: Wallingford
Address: P.O. Box 3179
Phone: 18883998444

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