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Major Scammers ...Stay Away!

RUN dont walk I mean RUN away from Digital Depot Online! I have never before written any review about a vendor, positive or negative. That is partly because my experiences have been mostly reasonable, and partly because I dont have the time. But these guys are so bad, I feel a duty to warn people about them.

I should have known better than to order from a company that lists NO physical address, and has a Pasadena, California telephone number, but claims they are on the East Coast. But, I definitely had a bad feeling about these guys as soon as I gave them my credit card number.

I knew what camera and lens I wanted (a high end Nikon DSLR) and Googled it for the best online price. Digital Depot Online came back as the best price, beating Adorama, B&H and Amazon by several hundred dollars. When I called them, the slimy upsells began almost immediately. The guy said right out of the gate it was a grey market camera they had advertized, but they could sell me the US version for a couple hundred more. The ad made no mention of it not being a US model. But, this was still cheaper than the other prices, so I went on.

They took my credit card info. As soon they got the card number, he tried to switch me over to a Sigma lens they had on special which was better than the Nikon lens I called to order, and cost less. I declined and stuck with the original order.

Next, the rep matter-of-factly asked me if I would like to buy a battery and charger for the camera.

This was a bit of a surprise since the battery and charger were included everywhere else. It also just so
happened they were having a special on batteries and chargers- buy one get another free. Except it was $250 for the battery and charger- the same battery and charger available from Amazon for $95. So I passed on this as well. The frustration in the guys voice was obvious.

Then the rep asked me what kind of shipping I wanted. I replied that I wanted the free shipping, as
advertised. He said free shipping took 10 business days, but I could upgrade to 3 day express shipping for $75 more. Again I passed. By now the impatience and frustration in his voice was becoming uncomfortable, almost hostile.

He then informed me that even with the free shipping I still would have to pay insurance of 5% on the sales amount this worked out to almost $150 when he gave me the order total. (Amazon ships express and insured for $25). I pointed out that on the website, a promotion stated that all orders get a 5% discount, and he replied Oh, right, but I got the clear feeling he was not going to bring it up if I hadnt. Coincidently, this cancelled out the exorbitant insurance fee. This was now $525 in attempted up charges I declined, plus the Sigma lens I declined.

I asked him for an order number, but he said an automatic email would be generated in a few minutes with that information. Two days later, still no email or order number.

So I called back, and the same guy said there must have been a glitch. He reentered the order again. This time the email came- except the 5% discount was gone and the invoice did not specify the camera was a US model. So again I called. After a long wait on hold, the guy confirmed the first email was a mistake, and now offered to sell me the charger and battery (without the free extra) at the reduced price of $150. (remember, it is $95 at Amazon). I finally agreed to this and he sent me a new email.

But the real kicker- They NEVER shipped the camera!!! I guess without their up charges there was not
enough profit in it for them. But they had promptly charged my credit card. And they charged the higher amount without the discount. After several tries on Digital Depot Onlines customer service line (a blatant misnomer), I could never reach a live person. A month later, I disputed the charge. The card company was great and reversed the charge.

I then bought the same camera from Amazon for a couple bucks more and had it in 3 days. But, in the end, I was not able to use the camera for the Holidays as I had planned, and had to go through a lot of hassle and stress to make sure I didnt get screwed by these guys.

Save yourself the headache and stay away from Digital Depot Online. I suspect they will be doing business under a different name with a different phone number once their reputation catches up with them.

Offender: Digital Depot Online
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 6267680993

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