Galaxy S3, Software Upgardes Delete Everything

Up to this point there doesn't seem to be any problems reported for the Samsung Galaxy S3 phones right?

Well so much for leaving well enough alone!!

I received the non-stop pop-up notification for the software upgrade and since you can't have the option of declining it, I selected to accept the upgrade.

Unfortunately for me and I'm sure, thousands of people, once the upgrade is done, you are left to discover ALL of your calandar information has been DELETED.

Not only your calandar, but anything else you have entered except your contacts, is GONE!!!

Anything in your notebook, etc is GONE!!!

Then, to add insult to injury, when I called Samsung in a desparate attempt to retreive this information, I am told that "when the software updates, it automatically deletes any information you have added into the phone" like I should've known that!

When I asked why there wasn't any warning pop-up prior to the upgrade starting, so that people like myself would have an opportunity to save their valued information, she remained silent for a couple of seconds and then just said, "I don't know."

She did do the same thing that the T-Mobile representative did which was place me on hold for about 30 seconds to "see if there was anything they could do" before coming back on the line and telling me, "I'm sorry but once the information is gone, it's gone!"

I wanted to let as many people as possible know that, if you are making the same mistake I was by depending on your phone to hold your information, don't do it with this phone because Samsung obviously only cares about getting paid for their phones, not what happens after you have purchased it.

For Samsung to KNOW that information will be deleted out of a persons phone when doing their REQUIRED software upgrades, and NOT NOTIFYING the user of such an extreme circumstance, tells me they couldn't care less what information is lost or that they consider this a flaw!

There was no mention of, "I will forward this to the appropriate department..." or anything remotely close to sounding like they considered this an error.

There were other things that started happening after the upgrade like other pop-ups that tell you that you need to swipe to open the screen but when you select "Don't show me this again," it still shows up everytime. All of their notifications are now doing that, so not only have they caused complete chaos by deleting all of my appointments, they have taken a perfectly good phone and made it another frustration.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8889874357

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