Telus Mobility
Fraudulent & Illegal Activities

I used to be a Telus customer, now I'm with Rogers for a good reason. Please read my story real carefully. So here it goes:
I've contacted the Telus customer care department on December, 2011 and had a unique offer on my account. The representative on the phone even logged in to my account to verify the offer I had and told me that I can go to the Telus store and redeem the offer. Saying that on 22/12/2011 at around 11:30 am went to the store to redeem the offer; they couldn't see it on their system and advised me to call Telus line.

So I've used their phone line in the Telus Store, and spoke with "Sam" who didn't understand English because I stayed one hour explaining my issue about the offer so he goes and transfer
me to some lady who was very disrespectful/rude. I've requested to speak with her manager and she declined to give me the manager and sent me over to the Escalation team and
spoke with Pete. That's when all the trouble started. Now read this carefully. I've elaborated the issue to Pete (Escalation's Manager) in which I had to repeat my issue for the 4th time approximately, after being tossed back and fourth for over 1.5 hours missing 2 meetings.

Now it get's intense... The Escalation gentlemen Peter (Pete) spoke to me around 12:30 pm and yelled at me at first (I swear I'm not lying), and said in his words "So you want to challenge Telus, let's take a look at your account for all the credit we ever gave you and reverse back the charges!". I repeat, he said that in quotes and I swear that's not made up.

Pete acted as I'm scamming Telus. Then he calmed down acted politely and told me I won't be
able to obtain the offer because it was a glitch on the system and mistakes
happen and yada yada. I told him I want to get compensated for the amount of
time I spent.

He apologized and then he looks in my account history and tells me "You have been under charged we should of charged you extra, I'm going to correct that
and make sure your account is up to date" I'm like "You made mistakes
too bad" he's like Nope I'm correcting it.

At that point he requested a callback and he called me back and he did actually put extra $400.00 almost on my account CHARGE BACK ILLEGALLY! During that time I had an unknown charge of $390 plus an additional of $150.00, and also on top of that outstanding balance (late payment) in which I never had in my life with them, that's Theft alright and of course!

Then I filed a report with the BBB and raised heck to the Office of the President. I got a call from a lady from the office of president, she was very nice, listened carefully and at the same time don't want to lose me as a customer. As an agreement we decided to settle this down by canceling with Telus and going to Rogers. Stating that the story continues after a year later, and I'm talking about very recent.

After a year of leaving Telus under mutual terms, Telus decided to send me to
Collections for a non-existing account. On 2011-12-27, I have filed BBB
Complaint about Telus and resolved the issue by 2012-01-13. According to the
agreement and I quote with supported documentation "Kasia Sidorska
Complaint Administrator BBB Complaint Department Complaint # 1244554 Rami

Offender: Telus Mobility
Country: USA   State: Ontario   City: Mississauga
Address: 1450 Meyerside Dr, 7th Floor
Phone: 9056707575

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