Broadstar Communications
Terrible service from the start

Broadstar cable service is a joke. If I were able to use a different service in the complex I live it I wouldn't wait a second to make the move. I have had terrible service from the first day. My issues have been channels going missing out of nowhere or I have duplicate channels over many others, and its just not a issue that happened once or twice. Every week it happens over and over. They have even screwed up by forgetting to reconnect my service after a week, after a balance was paid in full. Now I'm dealing with the problem of my service getting disconnected by accident, by a "tech" who isn't scheduled to be in the area but I watched the van drive by while on the phone with a representative. Only thing she could tell me is to be put into the list of reconnects the following day. How in the hell do you accidentally cut the wrong service!? I'm fed up to the point I would rather not have service than deal with this ass backwards company. I was getting better service with the company before them paying the same price for more channels than the weak 40 give for nearly $60/month. My advise avoid them at all cost. If you live in a apartment complex and have it raise h**l or petition them out because you will get screwed.

Offender: Broadstar Communications
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Williamstown
Phone: 8009433381

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