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I attempted to order some merchandise that needed to be delivered in 2 days, so I paid a considerable amount extra. I used a pre-paid VISA as a precautionary measure in case my personal identifiable information was compromised. I'd rather them take me for a $100 card than clean out my checking account or run up my credit card for thousands. The site rejected my card while I was closing out, so I contacted my credit card company to see what the problem was. They said there's no problem, there's an authorization for $77.89 from TMart.

I waited 2 days and went online to track my order. There was no order, but I am still out $77.89. I went online on their "chat line", and no one could find my order. They asked me for an order #, and I told them that I didn't receive an order # because the system kept refusing my credit card, but yet they still encumbered $77.89 on my credit card. They asked me to check my email for a confirmation, and there was no email. I spent my whole lunch hour going back and forth on this BS.

I decided to get back online after I got off work to speak to another "keyboard" since they don't have a customer service # to call, which kind of threw up a red flag to me. After waiting for an hour, YOYO finally came online with me. Maybe YOYO was busy talking to all the other unsatisfied customers. YOYO were as unhelpful as the last "keyboard".

Finally, I said just un-authorize the charge on my card, and I will take my business elsewhere because I've already missed my deadline. No one ever responded. I guess my next step is to contact my card company and dispute it, so I can get back the credit on my card.

I will NEVER attempt to order anything from TMart again. I wish I would have checked the reviews before I got mixed up with this company. I have seen very few positive experiences in the reviews that I've checked. TMart stays in business by preying on chumps like us!!! ...forget it TMart. I'm going to Brickhouse Security. Ive checked their reviews!!!

Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Hongkong

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