Aftermarket Cellular Aftermarket Cellular is absolutely horrendous. Avoid at all cost! Huntington Beach

I ordered multiple items back in July 2012 which I confirmed before ordering them that they were in stock... after one week without even a call or receipt of my order, I contacted again by phone.

I was told that I would not receive a receipt until the order has been shipped (a customer is always supposed to get a receipt from a seller when paying by a major credit card... just ask MasterCard or Visa!)

So now my order was out of stock and would take about 4 weeks to get in. I agreed to wait patiently but was planning on traveling (hence the purpose for the order in the first place!) and requested that I be contacted once they receive it so that I can give them an updated address to where I would be... they said not a problem.

6 weeks pass and then I get an email saying that the order has been shipped. I contacted them and told them that I would not be home to receive the package and asked them to adjust the address since it was still there in California and had not been but a few hours when I got the email stating if was shipped.

They said that they had no record of them being requested to contact me and that there was nothing I could do. so I delayed my trip to ensure that nothing else got messed up further.

Another week passes and low and behold I finally after 7 weeks later I finally get my order. the phone covers were not the same as I ordered. they were from another company with their name plastered right in the middle of the cover, and were plastic and slippery. I ordered a "generic" cover that had a rubber like grip so as to not drop the phone.

I wouldn't order ever again from even if it was free. I personally rate them a "0" if it was an option after going through this ordeal. I should have typed in their name and searched for complaints against them before I did all this.

Then on top of that, they have displayed exactly what I received for almost $9.00 less x 2 items ordered for basically $18.00 extra. the least they could do is credit me for the difference but I would have better luck lifting a car over my head.

Just remember some of the wisest words I have ever been taught. "Those that didn't know were blinded by ignorance. those that learned and didn't repeat the same mistakes were wise. and then there are those knowing the difference but proceed forward and are simply stupid. what are you going to do?".

I am sharing this so that everyone will no longer be ignorant about through my ignorance and can make an intelligent decision to take their business elsewhere via my lesson learned. if not, the rest of us will know where you will fall into!

Offender: Aftermarket Cellular
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 16792 Burke Lane
Phone: 8008828162

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