Batterythis any website with the name battery in it. sometimes through blue servers in U.S sometimes in and sometimes in United Kingdom

I had told a clients child who was in college that if she purchased the lcd screen for her laptop I would show her how to remove the defective screen and replace it with the one she had purchased. Doing this meant that I would not charge my client's child for the work. The young lady would learn something, get her screen fixed, and all would be right with the world.

Unfortunately she found the screen for sale on a website with the name battery in the URL or Universal Resource Locator. The retail website she choose was

Long story short took her money and claimed that product had been sent with no tracking number. Add to this the no answer from emails sent after nearly a month of waiting. This set me to looking to see what happened I found that any website that had the name battery in it advertised for the same products, had many similar aspects even though looked to come from different parts of the world and all had the same type of complaints at this very site

So I say if you are going to purchase anything on the internet for the next month do not use any website with battery in the name. I suspect they are all run by the same group, and, believe this or not, supported by paypal who in the multitude of complaints about these site has done nothing to resolve any of them look them up yourself right here at this site.

Country: China

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