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Lied for months and I never received my product

I pre-ordered their smart watch on 6-2-2011 after seeing an advertisement for them on a website. I paid 50% of the cost of the watch. They said there was a special price that would end on 7-21-2011. I was lead to believe the product would be delivered in August 2011. August came and went and I never heard a thing from this company. I also found it interesting that their introductory price had been extended. We were then told we may receive our product in November 2011.

November came and went and I still had not received any information from the company, however they were still offering the watch as a discounted price. Then we were told the product may ship in January 2012. January came and went and they were still selling the watch at the special price. In February 2012 I received an email requesting that I pay the remaining 50% and shipping cost, so I did. From approximately February until April there was finally some information from the company on their Facebook page.

I lost track of the dates at this point because it seems like from here on out we were told only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks. In April I received an email stating my product would ship on April 12 2012. A few days later they posted on their facebook page that nothing would ship until April 15th 2012. On April 13th 2012. I received an email asking me to confirm my shipping information. I opened a support ticked with them on April 18th 2012 asking them where my watch was, see below for their response.

I received an email stating my watch would be sent out on April 12th. It is now the 18th and there has been no communication as to why the delay. I have been waiting patiently since June 2011 until now. This is getting ridiculous with all the false information and delays. When will my watch ship?

dаta: 18/04/2012 06.12.37
area: i'm Support
operatore: Juan
language: English
country: United States

Dear Customer,

thank you for contacting us. We apologize about the delay in the production and delivery. We will begin shipments this week. Please note that delivery will be performed according to the chronological order in which the orders were made.

Regarding the delivery date and the tracking number, we will contact you soon to indicate the procedure. Feel free to contact us for any other request.

Best Regards,
i'm Watch Staff.

dаta: 20/04/2012 13.11.48
autore: Juan

Its now the end of the week that the first watches would ship and the company has gone silent once again. Also their special price continued into April 2012.

Offender: I'm Watch
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.imwatch.it

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