Best Buy Bellingham
Is this a scam?

I am not sure this is a scam. I am just curious if others have had the same experience. My router died. Bought a new one for a lot of money at Best Buy. We couldn't get it to work. Called consumer services of the router company (Netgear) but no one spoke English. Very frustrating. So I asked Geek Squad to come out. For another 80 bucks. Nice guy comes out, tells me the new router is bad, and he happens to have an even more expensive one in his truck. Since I rely on internet for work at home, I felt trapped and said go ahead. He took the "bad router" with the receipt in order to return it and refund my credit card. Then he called me later to say that the computers were down and he needed more information to process my refund manually. So my question is whether others have had the same experience. Does Best Buy stock bad routers on purpose, making people think their system needs attention, encouraging a trip from Geek Squad, then selling a more expensive router (plus the cost of a more expensive router)?

Offender: Best Buy Bellingham
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: BELLINGHAM
Address: Guide Meridian

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