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White Dots on DLP - HD TV Internet

16 months after I purchased a Samsung 46" DLP - 1080HD -TV model# HL-S4676S --"white dots" began to populate and spread on the viewing screen. First a few, then more, then many,many more. I called Samsung (1800-726-7664) and after describing the issue I was transfered to a technical issues advisor who informed me that my warranty was for only one year and that the TV was out of warranty. I asked if this problem had come up on other TV's and I was treansfered to someone else. The next person told me that Samsung would do a "one-time replacement" of the DMD chip unit. Samsung did inform me that they would send the part but that I would have to pay for the install. I argued that there part should last longer than 16 months and that it was clearly faulty and that I should NOT have to pay for their error. They agreed to cover the installer fees as well. TV fixed.

Just about 3 years later the "white dots" began appearing again! I called Samaung and they told me the part would cost $206 $50 freight and that I would have to pay for the install as well. I balked at paying for anything because I feel that the original DMD chip was faulty, and the one that they replaced it with was also faulty. Unsatified, I Googled "white dots" and found virtually thousands of other similar complaints. I even found a Facebook page called "White Dots" with hundreds of unhappy Samsung DLP owners, ALL with the same story. I called Samsung back and asked them why these faulty TV's were never recalled and I got a lame answer about it being an isolated problem. I pointed out that I had done my research and that, that simply was not true. I again asked for my second faulty part to be replaced and they again told me I had to pay for everything. So I aked them if the problem with the DMD chip unit had been fixed, and were they willing to guarantee the part, No answer to the "has the part been fixed" question, and "no" to any guarantee offered on the $206 part by Samsung.

Samsung sold thousands of DLP model TV's with faulty DMD chip units, then relaced the unit on a one-time basis with another FAULTY unit, and now want to SELL the same unresolved, unfixed unit as a remedy! They have also learned that they would rather take on each individual customer than address THEIR mistake! If there is a class action suit out there, I am all in. If there isn't there should be. This kind of arrogant incompitence is fraud. These televisions sell at premium prices $1400 - $2500. My TV is 5 years old and already needs it's third DMD chip! Warranty not withstanding that is totally unacceptable. Samsung must stand behind their product.

It is very clear to me that Samsung knows that the TV's should have been recalled, and that there are big problems with this faulty DMD chip, which is the ONLY reason they ever ate the cost to replace it. Now that the problem is of epidemic proportion, and the second generation DMD chips are ALSO faulty and failing, Samsung has now made a corporate decision to bully their own customers, and take them on one at a time rather than, make good on their agregious error, eat the loss, and fix the flawed sets they sold in truckloads. This is a bad decision, and they should not get away with it!

Offender: Samsung Electronics
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 105 Challenger Rd. Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

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