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& This is the biggest scam artist fraud you can ever deal with &-

This man defines the word crook! Do not trust him and his name is Marc. I think he is the owner.

I contacted him to install some televisions on the wall. He was nice and gave me an appointment within days. He also gave me a reasonable price. I made the appointment and he arrived on time that day.

I had picked up some HDMI cables from Amazon on a deal and wanted to use them and from what I read extensively they were compatible with my TV and cable box. He immediately grabbed them from me and started saying " no no no.. these cables are no good, I don't use low quality cables in my work " He began to pull out some other cables where I could have sworn were being sold online for $5-$7. The cables I purchased were $39.00. Mark insisted, very rudely I might add, that he use only his cables. So I did at $65.00!! BIG MISTAKE.

He began work. Huffing and puffing at the size of the TV he had to balance on the wall with the cables. Why didn't he bring a helper... I mean he knew the size beforehand? He was sweating profusely now and yelling at me to hold my side up, lower my side, pull it back, etc...
During this process powder was flying everywhere from the dings on my wall that he kept slamming into making new dents every other minute. When we finally hung the TV and tucked the cables behind, we turned on the TV and it had a YELLOW tint!

He insisted the TV was defective... He demanded I pay him 75% of the service call and would return the next day to mount the other 2 TV's. I declined and said I will only pay 33% which is consistent with the work he did. An argument ensued. He began, "the TV's are heavier than what they should be... The beams on your walls are not evenly spaced ", etc... Btw. My home is only 5 Years old and was built by a professional contractor. I was adament and he left with teh 33%.

I was so relieved when he left because I am a mild tempered man and he made me so jittery. I also wanted to take a step back and consider other options. So I did. I looked up the cable he sold me for $65.00 and found in online for $7.95.. Just what I thought. He scammed me!!!
Then I contacted my brother-in law who knew a bit about TV's and noticed the cable was defective. When he snaked an rca cable through and connected it the Yellow was gone. We Googled the exact issue and sure enough all the responses were that a bad cable is to blame.

I called him and said DO NOT COME BACK TO MY HOUSE EVER!
He then turned into the woman from Fatal Attraction. He called for days, rang my bell late at night. I was tempted to call the Police. I was frightened.

The walls where he butchered up needed to be replastered and painted. The holes he drilled were all in the wrong places, those had to be filled. The cable I was ripped off on went into the garbage and I needed to find a new TV man.

Do yourself a favor and do NOT call this man. He is an obnoxious snake and will terrorize you if you cancel on him.

Offender: J.E.M Installers
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn
Phone: 7186142679
Site: jeminstallers.com

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