Chris Menera
Juan Christian Menera Sold junk copier to our customer as an independant contracto

I was busy at work and trainging a new guy at the same time when one of our busiest weeks i called on Chris to help as an indepedant contractor. he showed us ina previous meeting his certificates and seemed to be of moral character. So we called him in. While he did a set up and a repair he discovered that one machine may not be worth repairing so he suggested selling a machine. She said ok and i told him him we would replace it with the same machine so she could use her same supplies and kits she aleady had purchased outside. I set it up and all e had to do was go pick it up and set up. he gave me a price and i told him i would pay more because i wanted it done correctly and i know how setups can go. He aggreed to make sure everything was fine. he then accepted a job in LA and that is when problems began. He kept promising delivery and never seemed to come through. Then he told us he is getting the same machine (1 model number different and alredy has it and would be easier to take that one) I agreed. A week or so later he finally came through. He set up and went to the office to pick up a check. Pushed the owner and told him he had to get back to LA fast. We then discovered he dropped the machine quickly, did no tset up, didn't check it or evern bother to test it. The machine jammed,printed witha cyan overtone, and the door straps were missing so that when you open the door to remove the jam the whole door would fall off(and it did and it fell on a customers hand and hit the floor and broke). He sent 1 friend down to correct problems. His friend told him the machine was not in good shape and should he at least clean it up and he said no) i found out later After fightint with this machine for weeks and trying to get him down to take care of it we got rid of most problems but the door wa becomming a bigger issue(esp. once it did break).It also turns out he took a different model then the one he even told me he was taking but it was still compatible so i did ont make a big deal about that. He promised day after day,week after week he would be down o take care of it. My hands were tied. We paid him and received no payment as the machine did not work. He kept promising a door even this morning as he does every morning. He got tired of me calling and blacklisted me from all the numbers i had and sent him a message throug hgoogle and told him to unblacklist me(which he did). We never did get info ion him and he removed our acces we had to view his certificates so i can not get any info on him except what i remember. I am sure he did not file with the IRS and he scammed us as well as other as i have now read. We will go to the bank to file a claim,a police report,contact IRS to see how we can report his income and contact the previous employers that we remember for additional info. We will move further and take any necessary steps. IF you were also a victim you can email me at gmail and the name is mailderrick. We need to stop him before he hits even more people

Offender: Chris Menera
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 6192501968

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