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Dino Direct is a complete RIP-OFF!! FUTIAN DISTRICT

consumer complaints for Dino direct

I bought a Android 2.2 Tablet PC: Revolutionary 8" Multi-Touch Internet Multimedia Google eBook reader, Order # 591502-DD. The description of the product I bought did not match the product I paid for. Also, the user guide/instructions that came with the item were very, very, very, very poorly explained. Also, the battery did not last 6 hours as indicated.

Contrary to the description of the product on their website:

... there was no camera on the device, no phone as indicated, and no ability to record a video!!!

See description of product as indicated below:
Revolutionary Android 2.2 Tablet PC: Revolutionary 8" Multi-Touch Internet Multimedia Google eBook reader that combines all the features of a multimedia player, e-book reader and game player! Imagine being able to make a phone call, page through websites, write an email, flick through photos, watch a movie, play a game, take a photo or record a video. All on a big, beautiful, incredibly responsive 8" Multi-Touch screen. With just the touch of a finger.

Now the *fun* begins. I was asked to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number, which I did, and sent the device (and a protective cover) back to these dishonest Chinese crooks in China ... and asked for a complete refund. I even uploaded the receipt from the post office showing that I sent the 2 items I bought from them, one of them being the tablet and the other one them being a tablet case.

Not only did they ask me to re-upload my USPS shipping receipt 6 different times, but they also asked me to email it to them another 5 times!

After they sent me back my refund, I asked them why they didn't also include the $27.97 shipping charges and they told me their policy is that the customer pays to ship the item(s) back to the company.

I told them, "On your website it says that Dino direct pays for the shipping," but even after I read them what it said, they refused to listen.

Here is what their website states about return shipping charges: "Return item to DinoDirect. Choose USPS as your return shipping method, *with shipping fee on us*. If you choose other couriers, we will only cover a shipping fee estimated by USPS." See:

Anyway, they refused to go to the web address to check this out, then they told me, "We can't refund your shipping charges for returning the items back to us because if we did to a 1000 people, we would not make any money when we sell our products!" Of course, that is not my concern, rather it is just a sneaky company with a sneaky policy, run by sneaky people!

Then I was told to talk to a supervisor, but whern I called on the day and time I was told to call, the rude customer Chinese *lady* told me that it was 5a.m. in China and her boss is on vacation. When i asked her when her boss will be back, she said, "My boss is very busy!" When I pressed her further, she said, "I am looking at the note on file for you and it looks like you are trying to rip us off for the shipping charges for sending your two items back to us for a refund. You are very dishonest man!"

Amazing, eh? So, she hangs up on me in mid-sentence, even when i repeatedly told her to just look up the website on their company website and she will see that I am telling her the truth. Anyway, horrible customer service, atrocious! I would never recommend this outfit even to my enemy.

So I called back and spoke to one smart-ass who told me that he will compromise with me and send me 1/2 of the shipping charges I paid for, even thought I said on their website, that I am entitled to a full
refund for shipping the items back to them.

Then this guy tell me, "Did you make a video of your problem, showing us what was wrong with the product?!" So I said, "Where on your website does it mention anything about me needing to send you a video of the problem?" He would not answer my simple question, but just told me that it is their policy to require a video of the problem.

I will be posting this incident to over 400 blogs, reaching over 68 million people to help spread the word about this rip-off Chinese company, operating out of the same country, run by the same Communist thugs who persecutes and tortures innocent Falun Gong or Falun Dafa practitioners and harvests their vital organs and selling them on the open market.

They underestimated the damage that I will be do to their reputation and all of the countless millions of dollars in sales they will lose when I get done with them -- all for a measly $27.97! That's sheer stupidity, eh? Yes, it is!!!

I have a screen shot and proof of everything I am saying for anyone who wants to see it.

Offender: Joaquin Zelaya
Country: China

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