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Back in September, my grandfather was involved in a car accident in which he later died. During that period of 12 days, we were using our phones quite a bit talking to doctors, other family members, etc. Our usage was not on our minds at the time. Billing cycle closes and I get the email notification. When I open my email I see a bill for almost $500. I didn't panic at first because I honestly believed Verizon Wireless would be sensitive to the situation and ease up on the overages. They stuck to their guns. I explained to them what had happened and explained that the funeral costs were going to break our backs. With travel costs to travel 1500 miles away by car, One airplane ticket, food, tolls, and just the situation, it was costly emotionally and monetarily. Verizon could've really stepped up to the plate and demonstrated that they care about their customers. Instead, they credited me 25% of my overages and made me feel as if I should be grateful for that. Never a missed or late payment. I was also one of their indirect employees. They did not care. Fast-forward a few months. I moved to the State where my grandfather lived to help my grandmother out. I applied for a job at Verizon Wireless. Why? Because one thing has nothing to do with the other and for what they charge for their service I figured their employees must be paid well. I received an "invitation" to an interview a few weeks later. I was given 2 interviews the same day with a number of managers and a gentleman from HR. First off, they let it be known from day one that they are in command and don't need you. It's the little things that people notice. I was interrupted in the middle of a statement. I was told I'd get a call back Monday (this was friday). They called almost 2 weeks later. Actually, they didn't call, they texted me to alert me that "We are excited to offer you a contigent position to Retail Sales Associate, please call me back asap". So I called back a few minutes later. No answer. Left a voicemail. Called again the next day. No voicemail left. Wrote an email a few days later. Called yet again a few days after that and still no pick up. It was 7 days after I was offered the position that they called back. I really needed this position and I didn't attempt to hide this. My excitement was obvious. I felt they used that against me. They took advantage of this. At the end of the day, they offered me $10 an hour. Not anything to be super excited over. My background check is still being conducted. I told them everything before hand so I don't see what's taking so long. It's been a week. I've already begun looking for other places of employment in Wireless sales. I am a great employee who is dedicated to their work and most importantly, does right by customers. I have references from old places of employment that state this. I have customers who will say this about me. I don't think I should have to spend over a month explaining to Verizon Wireless why they should hire me. The proof is in the pudding. My performance is verifiable. But yet, I called customer care a few days ago and spent the greater part of the call explaining to their rep the difference between a SIM card (which I needed) and an SD card. It seems Verizon Wireless doesn't like or want individuality, They want conformity. They want their yes men and women to be robot-like. They spent a good deal making me aware that it was a roughly $30, 000 investment to get me in the company. Whatever guys, seriously, I don't know where that number comes from but nothing they can teach me costs $30, 000. Unless they're teaching brain surgery or something, I know I need a job but I am a human being and I will not sacrifice any more of my dignity. If they wanna see what I do, hire me. If not, peace. They aren't the cat's meow. My experience is not easily matched and my dedication is paramount. I search for sales leads on my days off. Perhaps AT&T can appreciate a great, dedicated employee. Their arrogance has clashed with my pride. Thanks for making me jump through hoops Verizon. I will not jump anymore. And thanks for not caring about my family's situation. You have demonstrated yet again that you don't care about your customers, only their money.

Offender: Verizon Wireless
Country: USA   State: All USA

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