Alyon Technologies
Ripoff (censored), dishonest (censored)- billing, slime balls, evil dirt bags

On 3-30-03 I was viewing a adult site for which i had purchased a three day membership. While on this site I kept getting all of these other pop up's for other adult sites. I kept clicking them off. The folowing night I also spent some time visiting this adult site. Again I had to click off numerous pop ups. I then cancelled my trial membership to this adult site.
About six days later I received a bill from Alyon Technologies for $215.16. I called them and talked a lady who told me I was charged for visting their site. I said I had only visited the site for which I purchased a three day pass. But all these other sites kept poping up, which I kept clicking off and that their's might have been one of them. She told me their site doesn't do pop ups that I would have to access it directly. She said she would adjust my bill to 159.00
The following day I went to when I saw these other web sites listed reguarding Alyon Technologies Rip-offs. So I chicked on to them and began reading stories of other Alyon victims. I then called the Alyon 800 number to talk to someone about my charges.

I was told that I owed $215.16 and I needed to pay it. I asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor told me that someone in my household visted their site. I said I live alone and I didn't visit their site. I told her about seeing the Aylon sites. She said,"We went to court about those sites yesterday. The judge ruled in our favor and we now own those sites." She said that I had to pay, but told me she'd adjust my bill to $155.
Yesterday I got a bill from Alyon for $215.16 threating collection action. Today I'm filing my against those (censored) and (censored)-!!!

Offender: Alyon Technologies
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Norcross
Address: P.o. Box 923299
Phone: 8003790239

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