Djd Marketing

I was searching the internet for get paid to stuff envelopes and i came accross this website, and they caught my attention. The web-site said I could earn up to $300-500 a day stuffing envelopes. When i paid I recived a username to acces their information page about stuffing envelopes and instructions and how to get other people to send me money. The company lead me to belive that if i sent the the money they would send me all supllies and all i had to do was stuff and return the envelopes and then they would pay me $3.00 per envelope that i stuffed. Instead i got instructions to go out into the community put up fliers and hopefully people would be willing and trusting enough to send me money and self addressed stamped envelopes that i would then stuff with a single flier and i would keep the 3$. Unfortunatly i live in a small community and people are just not trusting enough to send money to a complete stranger. I would be lucky to make 3$ off of this. They lead me to belive that the alredy had the clientel and all i would do is send stuffed envelopes to these people, instead of building up my own cliental.

Bronx, New York

Offender: Djd Marketing
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Staten Island
Address: DJD Marketing Box 030119

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