Cross Country Bank
Rip-off - FDIC prohibited the bank from further collections practices, but they're still collecting.

Ok, here is more dirt on Cross Country Bank. This entity is based on Willmington, DE, that is the only branch there is in the whole US of A (so if you have money in this bank good luck finding a branch or one of their ATMs).

I used to work for their collections dept. (which is outsourced) and they would never update their leads (delinquent accounts report system). So,customers that would've "paidoff" and "closed" their accounts 30 days ago would still appear as delinquent.

Back in May 2002 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.(FDIC) fined this bank because they weren't able to reduce their debt to equity (they were advised to write off bad debts and they didn't) So the FDIC prohibited the bank from further collections practices (cease and desist order). But we still managed to get away with this.

In addition there were a number of complaints; a number of customers began filing harrassment charges due to excessive calling. The company denied this and didn't stand behind the employees whose calls resulted in the filing of the harrassment charges (this includes myself).
Bottom line it is a bad company to work for and do business with.

Offender: Cross Country Bank
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Willmington
Address: 4900 Block TRex Complex, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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