HRS/USA SCAM destroyed my good credit rating

This is the scam that HRS/USA is using to destroy our good credit. They are the collection agency for Best Buy and Price Club Costco et. al. They file past due/in collection report with Equifax et al. This shows up on your credit report when you want to take out a loan.

They cannot be reached to have the false report removed. you will never have received a bill, a late bill, a past due notice, or that your account is not being referred to a collection agency notice.

This is ths scam and the fraud: to remove this black mark from your credit history you have to apply to them on-line for new credit and loan consolidation of your bad debts. They will then help you out with a very-high interest loan payable over many many years.

I had a platinum credit rating until HRS/USA ruined my credit history report. Now I cannot re-finance my house and take advantage of the 40-year low in interst rates on re-fi's.

Someone must stop them and stop them now.

Offender: HRS/USA
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Wilmington
Address: 301 North Walnut St Wilmington, Delaware, 19850

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