Communications fraudulent ripoff business Worldwide

I was called time and time again about this business company called "Z-Tel Communications" asking to try it for free and if I enjoyed it keep it.

This company would not stop bothering me offering me the world by phone. They would save me all this money and basically everything was free.

Such as call waiting/caller id /answearing service and 3 way calls/call forwarding/free long distace and local calls. Too good to be true but all pushing led me to say I might be interested.

I don't remember it was long ago maybe 3 years ago. All I know is I stopped recieving any messages on my answearing machine and no more phone calls.

Now I have been harrassed before and couldn't believe it when this happened. People called me and I never recieved any phone calls.

I joked around with my friend and said they must be floating around in space. Then I got angry and called my phone service
who said I had changed carriers which I did not.

I also have a code so I could not get slammed like I did before.
Then not knowing I had rights. I was pissed at my phone service and told them to restore my phone service back which they did.

I got a phone mailed to me by Z-Tel{I think} so I could retrieve my calls which I sent back immediately. Told them I had my own phone service and did not want to change.

Actually I was pissed that this could happen. I was without service for days until my service was turned on or it was on but this thing was over riding it.

Made more complaints to my service which I payed for, about the situation. Phone restore all fixed I thought. Now 3years later I am recieving harrassing calls from A collection service.

Their name is "Corprate Collection Services" and they have been harrassing me for the last 2 weeks saying I owe this Z-tel
$710.00. how I don't know. As I said I was paying for my own phone services.

This collection agency leaves messages on my machine and call at all times 7 days a week saying this is officer chambers trying to reach me. I guess a scare technic. Anyway I called them w/refference # and they want to make a deal for less money.

I told them I'm not paying for anything I did not order and if they have a tape we could use that for fraudulent acts. That I signed up and am a member of Gov. George Pataki's Consumer Protection Board and gave them the address and phone #. That is when this slamming wanted to make a deal with the payment.

Anyway they say I have to pay. Even though I was and am paying my own phone srvices. Thier name is "Coporate collection Servies" address is P.O.Box 22630 and are located in Cleavland
Ohio.44122 zip.

They are threatning me with all they have which I think is Sh__! After reading about you "consumer complaints" I am hoping you can help me. Buy the way the guys' name was Steve and ls called about 8:00p.m. on May 13,2003.

Anyway to get them back this is alot of stress and time.

Offender: Z-Tel
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: www.Z-Tel.com

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