Hometown Financial
CCS Services ripoff San Diego

Hometown Financial Services, A/k/a CCS Card Search, A/k/a Card Processing Center RIPP OFF - LET'S REALLY PAY THEM BACK San Diego, California .....

I am a paralegal in Florida - 561-840-0093. Due to divorce and my husband's inability to pay the credit card debt due to a job lay-off my credit was destroyed. I cannot believe that I got myself in this mess. Like everyone else, I have been contacting this company since April and have had promises made daily that I will be getting at least 1/2 of my money returned with a "new program" that they have started. Of course, this has still not happened.

I am, through my firm, filing a civil action against the Company, Eric Murphy, individually (one of the customer service girls told me the owner of the company is named Eric!!!)and to really make it bad, I get everyone of the customer service reps names that I talk to and I am going to include them in the Complaint.

They can be brought under "jurisdiction" because they have done business in the State and the fact that they used a Florida Bank shows that they have, in the past, had business ties in the State. That is usually the criterior for establishing jurisdiction - which means you file in your State and drag them there.

Notice them for depositions, hearings, etc. make them spend the money for attorneys' fees (especially because they will have to hire local counsel!!!) Make them eat that $199. ten times over!! Also, you can ask for compensatory and treble damages. I am filing against them for fraud _not a nice word, interstate commerce, misrepresentation, wire fraud and mail fraud (very, very, bad). I have also sent info to California Attorney General's office and Florida's attorney generals office. We will also have to hit Nevada's attorney general also. I asked them to lauch an FBI investigation.

Now, if we all band together, get a little "class action" suit going against them. Now that's really a huge attorney fee case for him. Of course, he will try to hide but I have investigation programs and handfulls of P.I.'s across the country, so he can run but he'll never be able to hide. I've gotten them before and when they are in another state and get caught - well they have to sit in jail there until they can be transported to the state that has them under jurisdiction, usually on a bus with lots of other prisioners. I can bet that little Eric is driving around in a luxury car, living in a great home or condo, all on the money he made from his rip-off scams (and I doubt if this is the first).

Nothing makes me happier to show them what type of "rip-off" I can offer up. (The last guy, national case, just got to join the Federal Country Club for the next 40 years!) The time is ripe to hit the guys that are ripping off the "little people" while they are living the life of luxury. Let's get into action. As they say, let's get this party going!!

West Palm Beach, Florida

Offender: Hometown Financial
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego,
Address: 8969 Kenamar Drive
Phone: 8583483480

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