Capital Corporation CONTI MORTGAGE ripoff

Fairbanks Capital Corporation/AKA CONTI MORTGAGE CORP $35,479.08 interest during the past three years Principal has not change it remains the same $84,549.47 Jacksonville Florida .....

For the past four or five years we have had the same principal and paying at least $11,000 a year in interest. We are not sure of how Fairbanks continues to charge us this exuberant amount of money. Once upon a time we had a several hundred dollars in escrow and currently there is $2.77 in escrow. Currently I am trying to pay off this mortgage principal to refinance our loan at a lower interest rate our current interest rate is 13.490%.

It is my understanding that since we are paying the principal off before the actual maturity date than we would not have to be paying over $4000.00 in interest. I have requested a payoff over the phone and they have refuse to give it to me. Fairbanks also have refuse to make since out of how they are able to charge me with property preservation that ranges from $11.35 to $105.00. I have read where they have been sued and it seems that they may have an inside track on how to be legititmately deceptive. However, I am also reminded that they are on their way out and hopefully the people who work for them should realize that they are practicing deceptive and fruadulent practices.

You cannot get a straight answer from anyone and there is no such thing as customer service. They have swindled us out of at least $40,000. I want to get from under their deceit. It is a shame that our government and judiciary are allowing a mortgage company to deceive so many people throughout the country and get away with it. However there is someone more powerful than any one of them and I will wait patiently and do what I need to do, but I will also wait and see the SALVATION OF LORD MOVE THROUGH THIS CORRUPT ORGANIZATION REAL SOON.

Offender: Fairbanks
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: 10401 Deerwood Park Blvd
Phone: 8002588602

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