Fairbanks Capital Corp.
Ripoff consumer fraud

I too have been ripped off by Fairbanks Capital Corp. First they notified me that I was behind three months of payments (which was not true). They began foreclosure proceedings. I was in Bankruptcy at the time and my Bankruptcy attorney immediately filed action against the company when I was able to provide 5 years of canceled checks showing my mortgage was paid and paid on time. We won that case, and all the illegal charges, etc. were removed from my account.

It was funny that after the court case.. suddenly I recieved reimbursement for three months of mortgage payments (my attorney had me pay an additional three months) and then all the extra fees, charges, etc were refunded to me.

I finally refinanced with a reputable company on early discharge of my bankruptcy (paid out 2 years early). During the time I was with Fairbanks they charged me lender-based insurance coverage saying I never had insurance on my home. My insurance company sent repeated proofs of coverage (I have had coverage with the same company for 20 years).

I finally refinanced in Sept 2002 and today, 05/12/2003, I recieved not one but THREE letters from Fairbanks stating, "We have RECENTLY recieved your hazard insurance policy for the above referenced property. The lender-placed insurance coverage we obtained on your behalf has been canceled effect 08/01/2000. Any unearned premium will be credited to your escrow account.

First off, I dont have an escrow account with them any longer and it has taken one year for them to even acknowledge that I had/have insurance on my own.

I have now contacted their Customer Service Department and asked the total amount I am being refunded and asked how long it would take to get a refund. I was told they don't have a total amount they could give to me, and that it would take 30 days to get a refund. I have now *reminded* them that I filed suit against Fairbanks before and won, and that I am not above filing another suit against them to get the money that they owe me. I was told that my customer account rep doesn't take phone calls (how convenient).. but the Customer Service rep has emailed my account rep to let them know they have 5 business days to have my refund in my hand, or else I will seek legal action against Fairbanks once again.

Anyone having problems with this company needs to contact an attorney right away. This is the only way to deal with them effectively.

Offender: Fairbanks Capital Corp.
Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Salt Lake City
Phone: 8002588602

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