Deceptive fraudulent ripoff business tricked and lied to us

First of all, this account started with American General Fin. then was traded off to Avco then ta da now Citifinancial. OK, Now that we have that out of the way. As with everyone in America.... Life Happens..Right? and sometimes you just don't have the money right when it's due. So I get calls like 7 days after the due date and then 10 days I get a letter basically stating I don't care about my account and they are going to take action against me.

So here's my story...I was behind so I talked about refinancing to get it caught up. I use my car title and I'm told that after a few payments they will release my title back to me...uh..LIE!! OK I'll come back to that in a minute. After I had signed the papers and all was said and done I realized that she hadn't mention anything about insurance which I know she is supposed to ask me if I want that option, which of course I don't. I have never gotten it before, but it was automatically added.Which the ins. cost around $600 dollars. Well I have to put in writing that I don't want something that I wasn't even confronted about, so they can credit it back to my account. I'm not even sure if they did. the day comes that I can pay them in full. It was April 15 and they closed at 5. I think it was 4:52 and I called them to let them know I was coming in to pay it, but would you know it at that time they had already closed out there computers...MMMM how is that when they don't close til 5.

But anyway I took it up there anyway...(BIG MISTAKE!!!!) for them to apply the next business day. I was told that it would be 10 business days for them to release the title...fine. I call the next day and the person I gave it wasn't there yet. I called another office later and they told me it showed paid in full. So I figured it was taken care of and sat back and just waited for the title to be mailed.

Well today is May 9th and here is the real kicker. I call this morning to find out why I haven't recieved my title. I was told some crap about the payout person or something was busy and she would find out and call me back. I gave her my cell #. So I wait...and wait...mind you it was 9am...and wait. So finally after waiting 3 hrs..12:00 I call them back and I get some run around that she's not sure and that she will TRY to take care of it. Well that wasn't good enough for me, so I called the other office I referenced above..I have a friend there, to see if she could find something out for me and basically she tells me THEY HAVE LOST MY TITLE!!!!WHAT IN THE HE11!!!!!

OK It's 2:45 and I still haven't heard from the office where my account is I finally call them and just asked when they are going file for a lost title and that's when she doesn't even tell that they have lost my title but that

I have to find this out from another office!!


Is there anything I can do...If so, please let me know.

They should not be able to get away with this.

So I need to have this title that I should have had a week ago, because it's sold and the guy is coming to get the title and car today and we have no title. My husband and I have to go up to Citi and get the lost title app. and take it to DMV and we have to pay for it up front even after asking to print check out for $10 to NCDMV and no we have to pay upfront and then bring a receipt and then they will reimberse us..after what they did to me today...I'm going to make sure they don't get anyway with this!!

Sorry it's so long...but please let me know if there is someone I can call and get some information on what I can do.

Thanks for listening

Offender: Citifinancial
Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Durham
Address: 3823Guess Rd Willowdale Shopping Ctr
Phone: 9194772882

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