Services Unlimited Plus
Ripoff con artist fake ripoff tricked and lied to us victimized many consumers

I have read ALL of the reports prior to filling out mine. And let me just start off by saying WHOA! This is the second time dealing with SUL. I dealt with them around Christmas of 1999. I was approached by a young man when coming out of Sports Chalet after shopping for my husband. I proceeded to purchase a Scuba Diving mag as a gift for him. I paid $28 and paid by cash, and went on home to tell him about it. He said he appreciated it, but didn't have time for a magazine.

So, I decided to cancel and I filled out the back and sent it to them. In this case, I did receive my refund, and I hadn't seen hide nor hair of this company since then....UNTIL March of this year. I had just moved into my apartment March 14th, when Crystal Matina knocked on my door. She told me that she was trying to win a trip to Cancun, and a $1000 for school. I have wanted to purchase a Reader's Digest subscription for sometime, but have never brougt myself to do it. Seeing this opportunity present its self, I thought, why not help someone out and get my magazine subscription I've wanted. So I did. I also bought my 8 year old daughter a subscription to Disney Adventures. In total I spent $76. $56 for the subscriptions and $20 for the processing and handling charge, which was paid by check.

I have to admit, that it obviously hasn't been that long, just over a month, since this. So there MIGHT be a chance that I might get my magazines in the next 2-3 months, I do really doubt it though. However, here is a bit of information that I am not sure anyone knows. I haven't seen anyone reference this on this site. I was looking at a copy online of my canceled check (which I was told would be held for 7 days, but was cashed the very next freakin day) and I saw the endorsement stamp on the back. It says Circulation II, Doing Business As Services Unlimited Plus. I also went to the Maricopa County Recorder, in Arizona, and found Services Unlimited listed, and there is a husband and wife listed as owners. CHECK IT OUT!

Now, I don't know how important this information is, or if I am just a numb nut and everyone already knows, but I don't want to ignore this if others don't know. I looked up Circulation II on the BBB website, and this company is in IL. It is listed as a Door-to-Door magazine company. So, do what you want with this info, I will keep everyone updated as to how my situation goes.

Offender: Services Unlimited Plus
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Glendale
Address: P.O. Box 12613
Phone: 8005364704

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