WWI, Rhino Express, Etc.

I am a well educated individual (I hold advanced degrees in Engineering and Medicine, etc..)
I had just lost another person, very dear to me to a long illness. I had been doctor, nurse, advocate and counselor for several years and after my loss was ready for something new.

I spent about one year doing nothing really, feeling guilty about spending almost all the money earned in our jointly owned and operated business on medical care. I felt guilty of being a survivor but more importantly, I felt that I had failed.

I found DSMax and went to the interview, anxious to do something other than wake at 2 hour intervals to administer meds. Wow, I could use my time to build a new business, heal my wounds and teach others to be responsible, goal oriented and successful.

Well, I am here to tell you that I allowed myself to realize the truth after about two years. The "manager" used my SSN to defraud landlords, me and the IRS.

DSMax, et. al., distance you from them by demanding you sign an agreement as an "independent distributer". Meanwhile, you are "induced" to put 5-10% of your meager daily profits into "savings". I am here to tell you folks, you will never see your savings.

Anyway, after being robbed, threatened, defrauded I fled. I became a "cash cow". I took a job where I did not have to listen to "juice" and have my "savings" stolen.

If anyone knows where I may have the real officers served, please let me know.

These people stole a couple of years of my life and my very hard-earned money.

Offender: WWI, Rhino Express, Etc.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Buena Park
Address: Industrial Park, Buena Park, CA

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