Unprofessional SLIMEY DECIETFUL ripoff

On Friday, May 2, 03, I recieved a voice mail, at approx, 10:32 AM. Something like this.. "Yes this is Frank Jones, Mr.%__,You need to call me TODAY. Your claim number is XXXXXXX and I will need your "SOCIAL". GOOD BYE " (e was very rude)

I was able to retrieve the voice mail at about 2:00 pm. I was stunned,shocked, and very curious. I had NO outstanding bills and a good credit rating. Who could this be.

I Tryed calling MR 'Frank Jones every 1/2 hr, till about 5:30 PM. I always got his voice mail. I left a voice mail at 2:30 and one at 5:30.

On May 5 about 9:45 AM , I was able to reach him.He asked me, if I was %%__, I said yes, he asked is your ssn & -- &-. and I said yes. Frank Jones said it was about an 850.00 outstanding debt from 1989 from Mont. Wards. He was willing to take a reduction of 500.00 over the phone if I would settle right then.

I said , Unless my X wife signed my name to a MW credit Card APP, then I never had an account with MW.
I told him I would get back with him, I would talk to the X and find out.

May 6, He called me approx 4:30 pm. He wanted to settle now. I said , I am driving and can't talk now. he said call me asap before 8:00 pm.

My X said she swore we never did have an account, I remembered in 89,we never recieved Past due letters from Wards etc.etc.
It made sense.

May 6, 5:35 pm , I call old Franky boy back, (or is he Josh ?) I told him in no way was I going to mail him any money, because I never had a M. Wards acc. He said he had 'my profile here with some payments you made.' I insisted He prove it with signed doc. of Me on checks, cred. apps. etc.

The conversation deteriorated with raised voices,(no swearing), I insisted he 'prove I had an account. All he could say was,thats ok,you are in denial, we won't go away, and we will get our money, and it will be a lot more than 500.00 ,good day. (hung up)

I will give updates, in future, And call the A. General.

Offender: CAMCO
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Rockford
Address: 303 N MAIN ST.
Phone: 86674505420

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