Gerald and Susan Towbin
Greeting Cards Of America, Inc. Don't ever forget the names , and that they roped us in and must pay for their crime.

Much has been said already and there is not a lot to add. What people need to know is that GCA sold a business opportunity that was available all along through Paradise Greetings in California. All who got into this likely paid a marked up price to a third party that wasn't necessary.

The product was what I expected. However, the business opportunity that was to come with it never arrived. American Eagle Placements was a no show and GCA is gone with all our money. I have read the references to the CEO of GCA, Alex Carr. For those who do not know yet, he is actually Gerald Towbin, and also known as a Mr. Grant.

It dawned on me after the bad news broke about GCA that the sales rep I initially spoke with was a British gentlemen who called himself Jack Straw. Jack Straw recommended that I contact a current GCA distributer named Mr. Grant.

As it turns out, the so-called Jack Straw is as much a part of the deciept as the Towbins, since he knowingly refered me to a fake distributer that was in reality, Gerald Towbin.

I also find it curious that a prominent member of the British cabnet is named Jack Straw, which casts doubt to me that the name of the sales rep I spoke with was real. There is no need to tell people to avoid GCA since it no longer exists. But for those affected by all this, don't ever forget the names Gerald and Susan Towbin, and that they roped us in and must pay for their crime.

Offender: Gerald and Susan Towbin
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Plantation
Address: 7429 NW 4th St.
Phone: 9547929660

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